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A$ap Rocky Sole Classics Columbus In-Store & Kendrick Lamar Freestyle At The Schottenstein Center

Mp3: ASAP_Rocky-Houston_Old_Head_Prod_By_DJ_Burn_One 1.

Sole Classics had an A$ap Rocky in-store prior to Rocky playing with Drake & Kendrick Lamar at the Schott for the Club Paradise Tour. A lot people around town will prolly be stoked “That pretty mf” said he is against homophobia in a recent interview. And  It’s real cool that the Harlem rapper shot through Sole Classics. From the looks of the autograph wall; A$ap doesn’t look like he has a graffiti hand. Not that it anyone cares if he has a hand. Just an observation. He did put an inverted cross next his name.  I am also digging A$ap Ferg’s anarchy sign.

For more photos of the instore please visit Kings Rowe where I took these photos from.

After the jump is a video of Kendrick Lamar rocking an accapella later that evening at the Club Paradise Tour.

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Daymon Day Basketball Tourney Match-Ups


As mentioned before, Daymon Day will be returning to Tuttle Park 9-19-09. For more info on Daymon Day, and its parade, please read 614 Magazine’s article on the event. 614 interviewed Envelope, Daymon’s mom Judy and myself for the article.

As for the Basketball portion of the event, CJ Townsend organized a basketblog tourney, in which Team Donewaiting (DJ True Skills, Aleks Shaulov,Andrew Patton, and myself) will compete with Weedsteeler, Agit Reader, Milk Bar, Embassy, Kings Rowe,Central City Recordings, and The Grip for a warm case of PBR.

The bball tourney will be from 12 to 5 at Tuttle Park, Saturday 9-19. The Daymon Day Parade is scheduled to start at Tuttle Park @ 8pm.

(the grudge match right now is between Weedsteeler and the Grip. Or perhaps Weedsteeler and itself)