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(Duffy note: The following historical account of events written in this column took place the week of April 11)

Pictured: stardeath and white dwarfs@Circus


I grow weirder by the day as does my life. I totally embrace this weirdness and can only imagine how stoked you are to read about it. I saw a bunch of weird bands, a bunch of weird people and a bunch of weird stuff happened or something.

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Weakened Wrap-up #6: BLOGGER STATUS

Pictured: Chase from Encore he is 10

Oh man this week…

Wednesday night i had another VERY IMPORTANT BUSINESS MEETING, Thursday night I went to some website‘s happy hour at Surly Girl, saw an awesome rock show on Friday at Carabar and went to Pick-n-Pull and The Alrosa Villa both for the first time in my life on Saturday because Duffy made me. Seriously. I don’t read the emails he sends me nor do I answer his calls, but I’ll be god damned if I didn’t run into him at Magnolia Thunderpussy on Saturday.

Like I said before

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Tonight in Columbus: Churches Burn, Struck by Lightning, more

Struck By Lightning/Churches Burn/Astral Ride/October Fist/Beast in the Field
Carabar | Firday, April 10 | $0

MP3: Cashburner Blues by Churches Burn
MP3: Silent and Still by Struck by Lightning

Struck By Lighting is Gregory Lahm, formerly of Mouth of the Architect’s new joint and they are also the newest Translation Loss signee. I asked Greg By Lighting how he would describe Struck By Lighting-his response…THE GRIM REAPER MOWING YOU DOWN Continue reading

Weakened Wrap-up #5: Best Wrapper Alive

Pictured: Necropolis guitar in mid air and drummer on floor

Seriously I have the worst camera possible and the oldest/slowest hard drive imaginable.

Also I would love to have this up sooner but i mean life happens

This week I saw The Moz, El Jesus De Magico, Necropolis, Day Creeper, Brainbow(againnnnn) and other bands I’m pretty sure.

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Weakened Wrap-up #4: I Sure Did See Some [Expletive] Bands

Pictured: impromptu Unholy Two

I took some [Expletive] pictures as well.

This week I saw some stand up at The Surly Girl Saloon and saw a few bands as well-specifically an impromptu Unholy Two set, ipps, You’re So Bossy, Dead Set Ready(twice),who happened to be playing right next door to The Death Set, Bosniacs, The Brown Notes who happened to be playing with a band called Downtown Brown and a whole bunch more. Check me out right here yo — Continue reading

Weakened Wrap-up #3-Low Art Bloggeratti

Pictured: dudes from The Slide Machine’s feet

In case you didn’t know, the overwhelming response to Weakened Wrap-up #2 was so huge that it actually brought down donewaiting.com last Thursday night. NO SHIT. This week I went to my first drag show with my big little brother, went to see Mindless Self Indulgence with my brother from another mother and saw The Slide Machine and a Weezer cover band. DUFFY I HOPE YOU BOUGHT MORE BANDWIDTH! Continue reading