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Thursday at Kobo – an evening with R.Ring, Dolfish, Joe Peppercorn

Still amazed that Kelley Deal performed in an alley this past fall as part of the Independents’ Day Festival. For the past year or so, Kelley’s been working with Mike Montgomery (Ampline) under the name R. Ring though one suspects that with an upcoming Breeders reunion tour (thus far limited to a handful of European dates), R. Ring performances might become a bit rarer.

This is a pretty big event for Kobo and it’s being treated as such – there will be 70 seats available in the main performance room with limited standing room only space available for those who don’t get seats.

Your last chance at securing pre-sale tickets are by swinging by Kobo Tuesday evening from 6:30 to midnight. After that, you’ll have to take your chance at the door on Thursday night. Capacity will be capped at 100, so you snooze, you lose.

Tuesday: Castle at Kobo

Tuesday night, San Francisco’s Castle brings their thrashy doom metal to Kobo. A couple of Columbus’s finest metal bands – Sleepers Awake and Ride to Ruin – share the bill. Doors at 8, show at 9. $7 will get you in the door.

Photos: Saturday Giant Philip Cogley Homecoming show! W/ The Receiver @ Kobo

Philip Cogley was on tour. Now he’s home!

Saturday Giant Philip Cogley Homecoming Show
The Receiver
November 3, 2012
Kobo Live

Saturday Giant



The Receiver

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Photos: Travis’ Last Waltz

Travis Hoewischer had a birthday! He celebrated by having the super-awesome-funtime band Tin Armor plus a bagillion other special guests play through the The Band’s Last Waltz.

Happy birthday Travis!




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Thursday: The Dig @ Kobo

The stunningly gorgeous indie dream-pop sounds of New York’s The Dig will fill Kobo on Thursday night as the band hits Columbus as part of their Rocktober tour with Portland’s The We Shared Milk.

The Dig, whose sound falls somewhere between Vampire Weekend and The Antlers, have shared stages with the likes of The Walkmen, Portugal the Man, and Scott Lucas & The Married Men.

This is a Fireball Whisky Presents show meaning Fireball Whisky shots are only $3 all night. Locals Strangers in Daylight and The George Elliot Underground fill out the bill.

Photos: Saintseneca @ Kobo

September 1, 2012

(I realize that was a couple weeks ago…)



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Tonight: Nikki Lane @ Kobo

Last Friday we introduced you to Hugh Bob & The Hustle, the Milwaukee band performing at Kobo tonight. There was a brief mention of Nikki Lane but we thought she deserved her own post. So, here’s a video for “Lies”.

Doors open at 8, first band starts at 8:30. If I was a betting man, I’d put my money on Nikki hitting the Kobo stage around 9:30.

Interview: Hugh Bob and The Hustle; performing Monday at Kobo with Nikki Lane

Fireball Whisky presents Hugh Bob and The Hustle, with special guest Nikki Lane, at Kobo on Monday night. The Sheens and Total Navajo round out the bill. Doors are at 8pm.

If you don’t love country music, you’re just not old enough to understand it. But never fear, someday you’ll get it and when you do … well, damn, it’ll hit you like a ton of bricks and work it’s way deep into your soul. Unfortunately, depending on how old you are, you’ve lived through crap like Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, and Kenny Chesney and don’t know what real country music is.

Hugh Masterson will be the first guy to tell you that HE didn’t grow up on country music, that he grew into it. But what a down-to-earth, man-of-the-land sound he’s created with his longtime buds (they play(ed?) together as a mildly-more-ass-shaking-rock-outfit called The Wildbirds) in Hugh Bob and The Hustle.

The Wildbirds are no stranger to Columbus – they even did an Electraplay session for us in 2010 – but this show will mark the debut of Hugh Bob and The Hustle in Columbus. So let’s see what Hugh has to say about the band, his favorite drinks, and the all-star band he’d put together if given the chance.
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Wednesday: Pomegranates @ Kobo

You know how there are local bands that sound local and then there are local bands that make you say, “No way can these guys be from here!” Pomegranates are one of those bands. Actually, they AREN’T from here (Columbus), they are based in Cincinnati, but they have that Austin/Silverlake/Brooklyn chic.

The band’s fourth album – the first for the Austin-based Modern Outsider (also home to Ume, Bad Veins, etc) – is called Heaven and if you think rock journalists haven’t described it as such, well, you’d be mistaken. Dual vocalists allow the band to avoid conventional trappings; there’s a variety of sounds and influences spread throughout, much of it straddling the line between underground rock and loft party dance pop.

Download: “Pass Away”

Pomegranates, She Bears and Cliffs will share the Kobo stage Wednesday night. Doors open at 8.

Photos: Mr. Fahrenheit & The Loverboys, Milano, Ghost Shirt @ Kobo

Mr. Fahrenheit & The Loverboys (Queen tribute band! Phil Cogley, Jacob Wooten, Mike Sidwell, Jack Huston, Richard Buckalew, Rob Bradley, Chris Thompson)
Milano (Chicago)
Ghost Shirt
Kobo Live August 10 2012

Mr. Fahrenheit & The Loverboys


Ghost Shirt

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