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Treehouse closed indefinitely; Sowash resigns as booking contact

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Treehouse booker and reliable dude Kyle Sowash just posted this on The Treehouse’s Facebook group page:

Treehouse patrons: On Friday, I resigned as the booking contact for the Treehouse for the past 2.5 years due to some really terrible things going on behind the scenes. As a result (of the terrible things happening behind the scenes, not me quitting), I got word on Saturday night that the bar is closed indefinitely. It’s a long, sad story I’ll tell you sometime if you see me out and about and want to know what happened. I wish I could have given you all more notice, but, like I said, I got word last night. It’s been a mostly great run (you know, despite the really terrible things going on behind the scenes). We had some amazing shows (local and national) happen here through the years, and I can’t thank you enough for your support. Anyways, I think I’ve contacted all the people who have set up shows there in the next couple months. If you’re reading this now and haven’t heard from me, I regret to inform you that your upcoming show is not going to happen at the Treehouse. Terribly sorry. Try Carabar, or Ace of Cups, or Rumba Cafe, or Cafe Bourbon St. or the Summit. Well, Treehouse patrons, thanks again for all the good times and rock and roll. See you around. Enjoy this Wesley Willis song. It’s, uh, pretty timely. – KS

Thanks for the good times, Kyle. We’ll keep you posted on what “closed indefinitely” means for the Treehouse.

Tonight: Cowtown Round with Sean Gardner, Kyle Sowash, Josh Rea

Jason Quicksall has been hosting the Cowtown Round on Monday nights at Rumba for a while now. It’s basically three songwriters on stage together trading songs. This Memorial Day lineup sounds especially good to me: Sean Gardner (Winter Makes Sailors, Melty Melty, Bookmobile, Sowashes blah blah blah), Kyle Sowash (new record!) and Josh Rea from Wing & Tusk. (And if you go, wish Sean a happy birthday.)

Sunday in Columbus: Lots to Do

It’s a surprisingly busy Sunday in Columbus for great music. If you play your cards right, you might be able to hit all three of these events because of their varied start times.

Over at Used Kids, The Cusacks are reissuing their 2002 album More Songs From Vagabondia. It’s remixed, remastered, and there’s new packaging. Kyle Sowash and Super Desserts are also playing this free show that’ll have free pizza too. This starts at 5pm. Full details here.

Here’s some Cusacks songs to get you prepared:

MP3: Earthworms
MP3: Boy With Hearts for Hands

Doors open at 6pm for the Columbus return of Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos@ Skullys. They’re celebrating the release of their new albums, and I think this is the first time they’re playing in town since former Columbus and Tiara dude Erik Kang has been a part of the band. Also playing this show is David Vandervelde and Judgement Day.

Starting promptly at 8pm is the Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise at the Wexner Center. Featuring people from all your favorite E6 bands, this event is sure to be one for the books.