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Screaming Urge Interview: Columbus Punk History and Much More

Screaming Urge High Street 1980

MP3: Hitlers In Brazil
MP3: Skitzo Brain
MP3: Killa Poe Lease (Kill the Police)

I wrote an article on Screaming Urge in this week’s The Other Paper. Screaming Urge were a pioneering punk band from here in Columbus that had their last performance on Saturday. The band had a lot of interesting things to say, so I figured I would post the interview with Columbus legends on Donewaiting.

The three above songs are off a cd Screaming Urge just released called Gory Years. Gory Years has remastered versions of Screaming Urge’s two albums, and their coveted 45. Classic material recorded from 79-81. I believe you can obtain a copy of this cd by contacting Screaming Urge’s Facebook.

I interviewed Michael Ravage (MRav), and Myke Rock (MRock) for the Other Paper story. Dave Manic, who also played in Great Plains, was not there for the interview because he lives in Erie, Pa. Dave Manic did play the reunion show. (Shirtless but without a half-beard). Danielle Kline who took the photo for the Other Paper story also asks a few questions.

W: What was Columbus, OH like in 1978?

Michael Ravage: We couldn’t get into any clubs. They wanted bands like McGuffey Lane. Cover bands. There was no punk. There was us, The Blades, (two bands whose names I couldn’t make out.hopefully someone post the bands names in comments)

W: How did you get into punk?

MRav: I was listening to a lot of Iggy Pop so that’s how I got into it and then went from there to the Sex Pistols.

W: Where was your first show?

MRav: Believe it or not it was at the Campus Methodist Center. I invented a thing called the ‘Nowhere shows’ they were called “Nowhere Fests,” we couldn’t find any place to play. I rented out the hall and we called it “Nowhere ’78” we brought the four punk bands together to play and that was our first show.

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Video: Weird Al Yankovic “Perform this Way”

This go round, Al takes on Lady Gaga (and Miley and Taylor) and knocks it out of the park.

“Perform this Way” can be found on “Alpocalypse“, out now.

YouTube Preview Image

God I love Al so much.

Video: Lady Gaga “Alejandro”

YouTube Preview Image

Lady Gaga plays in Columbus March 10,2011 at the Schottenstien Center. I’ve decided that me and shawtee need to have a conversation. Not sure how but..

One time I was walking in Manhattan and saw Bjork at a coffee shop. I was gonna go up to her and ask her if she wanted to go to Barnes and Noble and draw in magazines. I was with Mahssa and Cashola. Mahssa got mad at me and told me let Bjork get her coffee in peace. So i didn’t holler at her. But I am convinced that Bjork was bored enough that she woulda kicked it with me for second.

So I figure if I blog once a week about Lady Gaga then perhaps she will be googling herself and I will pop-up. And she will say who is this weirdo that likes dance music, GISM, graffiti, feminist artists, trap-rap and kicks it with the gays alot.

He seems really nice.

Or maybe one of her handlers will see this DIPLO thing and be like just go kick it with dood at the Jamaican foodcart or the Wexner Bookstore for a second.

Anyway coming soon DEAR LADY GAGA…………..

Wale Returns To Columbus Tonight

Photo stolen once again from Steve Lieb’s The Grip

MP3: Wale-Chillin-ft-lady-gaga

Wale is returning to Columbus tonight. Last time Wale was in town, I enjoyed myself so immensely that I rambled about it on here with this show review which will prolly alienate any new female readers who were under the misconception that I am a decent human because of DW’s Tucker Maxx coverage. This show should be even more funner because Wale is being backed by a Go-Go band.

(DMV natives —>Meta4ce, DCKareem stand-up)

Tonight’s extravaganza is at the Garage Bar which I am told is in the Arena District(you know that weird area that looks like the future in a really mundane, unimagnitive sci-fi movie.. A few pre-sales are still available at Milkbar & the internet somewhere( 10 dollars)

Tickets are 12 at the door. The show’s promoter Schoolboy said the set times look like this:

lineup is
dj inform 9-11
poitier pockets 11:15
the 3rd 11:30
tanya morgan and big sean 12
wale 12:30
ucb will probably jam with wale for about an hr
inform will close it out, or any other good dj who wants to jump on the decks and has a laptop with them