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Video: LxE For The Uncool “Bordeaux VIIs”

LxE For the Uncool teams up with his people at Arris Productions for “Bordeaux VIIs”. This song is the first single off THE MALCOLM LITTLE APPARATUS coming in August.

MP3:Lxe For Uncool “BORDEAUX VIIs”

MP3:Lxe For the Uncool-BORDEAUX VIIs

Ohio emcee LxE For The Uncool gives us “BORDEAUX VIIs”, a joint off his upcoming documentary+soundtrack “TH? MALCOLM LITTLE APPARATUS”.

MP3:DJ POS 2 “Buggin Out” Vol 1

Zerostar dropped a new EP Tuesday called Don’t Look Now. To celebrate, Zero Star and Pos 2 are launching a new bi-monthly at the Carabar Tonight. (See above Flyer).

In addition to Zero’s new EP, Pos2 also made a mix, Buggin Out Vol 1. It has a good cross-section of hip hop from locals like LE, Rashad, Path,Fly U and more to just a general whats poppin now like Random Axe, Mac Miller, and Elzhi. Track List, download link and cover after the jump.
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MP3:LxE For the Uncool “Paper Rocket”

MP3:LxE-P?p?R R├śCk?T

Columbus rapper Le for the Uncool returns with “Paper Rocket”. If you can figure out the Intelligent Hoodlum reference on “Paper Rocket”, and appreciate how Le did that, then feel happy about yourself and Le.

MP3: Path “The Next Big Thing”

MP3: The Next Big Thing

Columbus emcee/producer Path drops a solo tape that guests Nick Tolford, Fabrashay A, Le For the Uncool, ZeroStar, Lev Don, Tyreless Won and more.

Path basically talks about dreams, nostalagia, day to day activities and his various weeded observations. If you have ever been to the Carabar and sat around talking about the various goings on, then “PBR and Vegan Coneys” will warm your heart.

Also the Tolford song is something else.
Very Columbus and beyond.
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MP3: L.E. for the Uncool “The $hine (Produced by J.Rawls)”

MP3 :L.e For the Uncool “The $hine(produced by J. Rawls)”

L.e offers a single called “The $hine” produced by J Rawls, off the soundtrack to his documentary titled “The Malcolm Little Apparatus” which will be out very soon. This song was also on Le’s last offering.
This song is perhaps the closest thing to an Atmosphere song that will ever come out of the Milk N Syrup. It’s a piano driven ballad that utilizes empathy to understand a female.

MP3:Fabrashay A-The Art Show

MP3:Fabrashay A-The Art Show

And another one.Columbus emcee Fabrashay A ops to drop the Art Show.

More info at www.milknsyrup

MP3:L.e. For the Uncool-The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

MP3:L.e For The Uncool-The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

Columbus emcee Le for the Uncool gives a quick follow-up the Measure.
This quick 15 minute ep is produced by J Rawls, Path, Rashad Thomas, & Grimmface and guests the Milk N Syrup guys. Somehow it manages to ask people pay homage, have lo-fi moments, referance Malcolm X, bring the X-Files to Harlem in Mobb Deepish story form, announce that Le is a hood dude that has taste instead being a “hype beast” and end with soul sample driven love song..

The second song, thePath joint, was seriously made on Wednesday, cause Meta4ce and i shot thru the session after hitting the Vegan Potluck at the St. James Tavern. Fabrshay-A is on the song not Meta. And Fab rips it. It was cool to see a few rappers trade stories and different time periods of Columbus rap.

Columbus rap is doing well, b.

Video:Le For the Uncool-The Measure

(via Elevator Music’s new website )

Title track off of Le’s mixtape “The Measure”

Directed by Luke Sirimongkhon

MP3:Fabrashay A feat Zerostar and Le For The Uncool-My City(Produced By Path)

MP3:Fabrashay A Ft Zerostar and Le For the Uncool-My City (produced by Path)

In the greatest team-up since KMD’s and Brand Nubian’s “Nitty Gritty” Milk N Syrup, and Weightless are on the same track. Okay is nothing like that song but it is still nice to think about.
The song is produced by Path from All Eyes Path. It starts off unassuming and sparse and develops into something special. The email I got for this song said it was “untitled” so it may not be called “My City”.
Regardless, the song is off of “the Art Show” Fabrashay’s upcoming album. It’s dope and if you don’t download then hopefully you don’t listen to rap and are just waiting for more pictures of bearded men playing ukelalees.

Sidenote:Besides catching Zerostar at “get right, getting right” you can also catch him hosting “Grindtime 2 I Still Get it in Ohio” it is an emcee battle October 16th at Skullys.
More on that later this week.