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MP3: Fly Union “Hard Sell”

MP3:: Hard Sell

New Fly Union song off of the Columbus rap group’s upcoming album The Greater Than Club, which drops April 26th.

I’m gonna just let Lebron tell it.


Baybay shouts outs the shooter and co….

Play Havoc on Lebron James/Mick Boogie Mixtape

If you have been involved with Columbus Hip Hop for more than 2 years, you prolly know DJ Sleepyhead. I remember seeing him and Drastic spin records at Millenium over by the Lennox like 6 Years ago. It was funny cause Millenium would turn into a gay afterhours at like 2:30. So if you got too engrossed in conversation, and didn’t pay attention to the time, the setting would change from Hip Hop heads to gay men in a matter of minutes. Cause rap fans tend to not be feeling gay culture not so much they would dip with a quickness. That wasn’t Sleepyhead’s main gig. But I always remember that night.

Anyway, Sleepyhead is in a Cleveland rap group called Play Havoc. They have a song called “Witness” on the new Mick Boogie/Lebron Mix cd that is promoting the release of the New Lebron 5 Shoe.

MP3: Mick Boogie/LeBron/NikeMixtape


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