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Donewaiting.com Staff Favorites of 2007: Wes Flexner

1. El-P, I’ll Sleep When Your Dead (Definitive Juxtaposition)

Rap music is great because it hypnotizes you and convinces you that caring about anything but making money is a sign of mental illness. And I thank rap music for this, normally. But El-P’s album reminded me the reality is that we are still paying “30 Percent a Year to Fund the World’s End”. And the everday conversation with many of youse may be worse than the government’s intentions. El touches on that as well.

Video:El-P performing TPC and Smithereens at Little Brothers in Columbus

2. MIA, Kala (XL/Interscope)

M.I.A.’s record is kinda like a futuristic Robin Hood if Robin Hood was a female that made music that people will dance to in Third World Countries 50 Years from now after the American dollar becomes more worthless than a Congolese franc. I also want to be the first to point out that MIA is not physically attractive. I’d hump a terrorists daughter on GP, but she still is pretty average looking.

LINK:Value of Dollar Dropping

3. Times New Viking Presents The Paisley Reich (Stiltbreeze)

I have a friend that paints graffiti a lot and works a really shitty job. He is really nice and only listens to Lil Wayne and Nirvana because they sing romantically about despair, love,drugs, and death. Lil Wayne is a lot funnier than Nirvana as is TNV. My 2008 resolution is to get him into TNV.

Video:Some Guy in Canada named “DipsetMuthafucka” Dancing to TNV’s Little Amps.

4. Wu-Tang Clan, The Eight Diagrams

Most of all the other Hip Hoppers were out here trying and failing at trying to figure out the formula to sell records, ring tones, and themselves. Wu remembered that they are the sole controllers of their universe, and it is their duty as poor righteous teachers to civilize the uncivilized in the Wilderness of North America. So they made a Wu-Tang album that sounded like a good Wu-Tang album. Can a devil fool a Muslim?

Hypem:Wu-Tang Clan-Campfire

5. Lil Wayne, The Drought

Lil Wayne boasted in Fader that he does nothing all day but take xtc, and receive oral sex while constantly recording. The result of drug use, work ethic, and an inability to keep his music from being uploaded meant we got to experience exactly what was going on in Wayne’s brain at all times.

HYPEM:Lil Wayne-Dipset

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