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Sunday: Scott Lucas and The Married Men at The Summit

Remember last month when hundreds of you filled The Basement to see Local H (and others of you stood outside thinking to yourself, “I should have bought tickets before this show sold out”)? Let’s see how many of you make it to The Summit on Sunday night to see Scott Lucas’s other band – Scott Lucas and The Married Men.

The seven-piece Chicago music veteran ensemble lead by the enigmatic Mr. Lucas recently released Blood Half Moon, an album that Ned Raggett of AllMusic.com says “might just be the rock record of 2012” and the band has just finished up a run of dates opening for Deer Tick.

We invited Scott Lucas and The Married Men to record a DonewaitingTV session with us at Eletraplay in the fall of 2010 and one of the songs they premiered for us was the first track off Blood Half Moon, “Lover the Lullaby”, which, at the time, didn’t have a title and was just being referred to as “Spaghetti Western”. Give a listen and you’ll hear why both song titles make sense. (Unfortunately, the video starts freaking out around the 3:30 mark)

The Summit (2210 Summit St.) open at 8pm for the Sunday night show with Drew Eberly kicking things off at 9pm. The show is 18 and over ($10 for those 21-and-over; $13 for those 18-to-21).

Friday: Local H @ The Basement + new Scott Lucas & The Married Men Columbus tour date

“Dude, I love that one song, you know, the ‘Copacetic’ song. Yeah man, I LOVE Local H.”

I imagine this conversation happens a lot in large part due to the blessing/curse of radio stations becoming fixated on 1996’s “Bound for the Floor” (did you even know that was the title of the ‘Copacetic’ song?) and, for all intents and purposes, making Local H a “one-hit wonder” despite the fact that the duo (Scott Lucas and Brian St.Clair) have been pumping out albums at a steady pace ever since then. Sure, they’ve had a bit of radioplay/success with songs like “All the Kids Are Right”, “High-Fiving MF”, “Eddie Vedder”, “California Songs”, etc., but call CD102.5 or 99.7 and request a Local H song and you’re most likely going to hear “Bound for the Floor”.

Local H is currently putting the finishing touches on their 7th full length, Hallelujah! I’m a Bum, which will hit shelves this year. In preparation of that release, the duo is road testing songs and we should get to preview a number of those on Friday night at The Basement. Don’t expect a ton of deep cuts, so far on this tour they’ve been playing new stuff and greatest hits type material but you never know what they’re going to be pulling out so expect the unexpected.

Scott Lucas’s other band (don’t call it a side project!), Scott Lucas and the Married Men, will also be releasing new material in 2012 – Blood Half Moon is due out in June and you can download the title track here.

Scott Lucas and the Married Men will return to Columbus on June 17 for a show at The Summit, the same venue they played in February 2010. Check out their DonewaitingTV session here.

Donewaiting.com presents Live at Electraplay: Scott Lucas & The Married Men (+ mp3s)

MP3: Scott Lucas & The Married Men – What Fools Allow
MP3: Scott Lucas & The Married Men – Spaghetti Western (unreleased)

Scott Lucas hasn’t given up on his baby, the 2-man band Local H, but when he found himself with an armful of songs that didn’t quite fit in the post-grunge mode, he grabbed a bunch of friends and recorded a “solo” album under the name Scott Lucas & The Married Men.
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Tonight: Scott Lucas & The Married Men at The Summit

What a change in sound for Local H’s Scott Lucas. After spending the last 15 years (geez, has it really been that long????) pumping out heavy, post-grunge rockers, Lucas just released his first “solo” record under the name Scott Lucas & The Married Men. There is nary a hint of aggression in these songs that Lucas likens to material by Mark Lanegan, Pink Floyd and Pavement and while Lucas did write all the songs, the members of the band add their own flavor to George Lassos the Moon.

With just one show left (tonight’s show at The Summit with Colin Gawel & The Lonely Bones and Tilt) before the big Chicago homecoming CD release party, I had the chance to chat with Lucas after the band’s soundcheck in Pontiac, Michigan.
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LIONS @ Ravari (Thursday night)

MP3: Come Around

Check out the way my Thursday night is shaping up: brand new episodes of The Office (8pm), Survivor (9pm) and LOST (10pm) to start off and then a quick 15-minute car ride down to the Ravari Room just in time to catch headliners LIONS take the stage. Does it get any better? (Sorry Devil Moto, I suspect that you’ll be melting faces just as Hurley drops a classic one-liner).

Maybe you’ve heard my woe-is-me-I-missed-SXSW tale, maybe not. One of the biggest regrets I had about missing the festival was missing out on the multiple opportunities I would have had to see LIONS, hometown favorites in Austin.

I’ve said this to people before and have done LIONS a total disservice but I think of their sound as the type Kid Rock would have if he grew up on Sabbath and Blue Cheer (ie early stoner rock) rather than Skynryd (it’s the vocals … Matt D doesn’t do the whole rap-rock thing but there is something in his voice that reminds me of Rock’s when Rock is waving his metal freak flag). Rick Allen of The Other Paper said they sound like Soundgarden pre-Ben Sheppard era.

Cruise_Elroy from the DW message board says the band’s live performance blows away the record stuff which I think is pretty mindblowing itself (check out No Generation, one of those “wish I would have heard this in 2007 so I could have put it on my Best of list” CDs, for recorded evidence). And Cruise also made a Columbus connection to LIONS – lead singer Matt Drenik’s brother Jason is a founding member of Columbus’s Hairy Patt Band.

In the past year LIONS have toured with the Toadies and Blue Cheer and following this short stint of headlining dates will do a few weeks with Local H (damn, Cleveland is the closest show).

So … yeah … go see LIONS.