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Photos: Lost in the Trees & Poor Moon @ The Wex

Lost in the Trees & Poor Moon
April 5, 2012
Wexner Center for the Arts

Lost in the Trees


Poor Moon

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Video: Lost in the Trees – “Golden Eyelids”

Lost in the Trees’ Ari Picker told Brooklyn Vegan, “The idea was to create a video that takes place entirely underwater, composed of evocative moments of eerie and angelic beauty to underly the mood of the song.”

Head over to BV for Picker’s initial sketches for the video, as well as info from the director (“We blacked out the whole back of pool with plastic and our gaffer, Henry, and I, took a crash course in scuba.”)

Stream Lost in the Trees’ new album

A Church That Fits Our Needs is featured as a “First Listen” over at NPR. It’s out March 20 on Anti-, and I highly recommend it.

Lost in the Trees return to the Wexner Center April 5 with Poor Moon (Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott of Fleet Foxes).

Video: Lost in the Trees – “Red”

Lost in the Trees put out one of my favorite albums of 2010, and the NC band is due to release its new one, A Church That Fits Our Needs, March 20 on Anti-. This is the first video from the record, which finds bandleader Ari Picker working through the carnage of his mother’s 2009 suicide. It’s a tribute, of sorts, and it takes the band’s orchestral folk sound to new heights. As NPR noted when it debuted “Red” this week, there’s a David Lynch feel to the video, and that haunting/beautiful sensation permeates the entire album. Read what Picker had to say about the video after the jump.

Lost in the Trees return to the Wexner Center April 5 with Poor Moon (Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott of Fleet Foxes).
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Photos: Nelsonville Day 2 – Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo, Sean Lennon, more

The Flaming Lips

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Video: Lost in the Trees – “All Alone in an Empty House”

This video takes the autobiographical content of All Alone in an Empty House to another level, with characters (presumably) based on singer Ari Picker’s mother and father singing their respective parts in the title track. It’s a pretty good representation of the album: disturbing, ghostly, beautiful.

Lost in the Trees return to Ohio May 15 for the Nelsonville Music Festival.

Photos: Lost in the Trees in Columbus

Lost in the Trees
Wexner Center for the Arts I Columbus, OH
Jan. 30, 2011

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Joel Oliphint’s Favorite Albums of 2010

If 2009 was the year of Larry Jon Wilson, 2010 was the year of Bill Fox and the Gibson Bros. I think I listened to Bill Fox’s two reissued albums — Shelter from the Smoke and Transit Byzantium — more than anything else. (Shelter got a deluxe vinyl reissue, and Scat promises a similar treatment for Transit in 2011.) Go get ’em. And working on a story about the Gibson Bros. reunion show back in July occupied my brainspace and held my interest for months. I don’t know if CDR has any copies of the Build a Raft reissue left, but if they do, it’s required listening for any Columbus music fan or anyone with a passing interest in twisted, noisy country/blues/rock.

But in terms of new stuff, here’s what I liked this year, starting with national releases and ending with Cowtown LPs.

1. Strand of Oaks – Pope Killdragon
I didn’t immediately hit repeat when I heard this album, but once I came back to it, I never stopped. Who knew a record with songs about John Belushi (from the perspective of Dan Akroyd), a 12-foot man and JFK could be so engrossing. Devastating, too. If you think Tim Showalter is just another pretty-voiced folkie, the layers of synth and Sabbath-like riffs on “Giant’s Despair” prove otherwise. The best way to get Killdragon digitally or on vinyl is through Strand of Oaks’ Kickstarter page.

2. The Black Keys – Brothers
Ditto Duffy.
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