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Video: Lupe Fiasco vs. Bill O’Reilly. U-mad

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Lupe Fiasco’s song “Word’s I Never Said” spoke critically on school funding cuts, the War on Terror, Israel, Muslims that commit violence, and rappers that solely looking to Tupac for rebellion.

Bill O’reilly didn’t like Lupe’s statements about the War on Terror. So Bill brought in Fiasco on his program for a debate.

So there has been two discussions going:
1.How did Lupe do?

2.Did he do better than Cam’ron and Dame Dash’s infamous “U-MAD” segment vs. O’Reilly?
Obviously, Lupe was speaking more seriously.
But did he own O’Reilly like Cam did?
Cam’ron’s U-mad segment after the jump
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Barack Obama Rally On the Ohio State House Lawn

Barack Obama spoke on the Statehouse Lawn yesterday.Downtown was completely swarmed by Obama’s movement. According to The Toledo Blade 60,000 people showed up. John Glenn, Mayor Coleman, and Governor Strickland were all in the building, er I mean on the lawn. It was actually pretty amazing to see that many people actually caring about something.
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Atmosphere, When Life Gives You Lemons…

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I sat out to write a review of the new Atmosphere album, When Life Gives You Lemons. Paint That Shit Gold. It comes out today. I play the roll of official indie rap guy to a certain segment of Central Ohio, I suppose. So I feel like I should say something.

However, upon listening to this record I once again came to two reoccuring conclusions.

1. The last Atmosphere album that I was the audience for was LucyFord.

Take the above video of “Shoulda Known”. There are parts of it there for me. I respect the electro-ish beat. The grainy filming has a Terry Richardsonish vibe. Slug sounds like he is dissing cocaine on this too. I ride for that. At least dood isn’t rhyming about windmills, how bad the radio sucks, or saving rap. But still something about the video and song screams Suicide Girls to me. So it loses me.

Thats the best way I can describe why I can’t really bump or hate the new Atmosphere album. I guess I need more Tom Waits (who beat boxes on the album), and less Warped Tour to be into it. But the difference between old indie rock doods, and Emo Pop-punk fans is prolly 100,000 records. And since the last Atmos record pushed 120k, though I don’t like Suicide Girls, you prolly do. Continue reading