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Video: The Internet- “Purple Naked Ladies” Teaser

Odd Future drops a trailer for Syd the Kyd and Matt Martian’s Internet album.  The trailer does not tell you why there is a song called “Violent Nude Women “on the album. Instead it is very smooth as it is directed by Lance Bangs.

The Internet’s album Purple Naked Ladies will be available digitally December 30th. The physical version featuring 3 bonus tracks and exclusive art and packaging will be in stores Jan 31st. Trailer and Video after the jump.

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Video: the Internet (Odd Future’s Syd the Kid + Matt the Martian) “Cocaine” ft. Left Brain

YouTube Preview Image

Ut oh…Odd Future’s feminine side has arrived.  And it is as equally disturbing even if the sound is prettier. The cocaine aspect is disturbing . Not the gay sex scene. Donewaiting would never be homophobic. And is Odd Future’s Syd the Kid the first Hip Hop artist to be openly gay in a video? Baby and Lil Wayne’s kiss doesn’t count.

The Internet
will release their debut album Purple Naked Ladies on Odd Future Records by the end of the year.

All jokes aside, You will be able to buy Cocaine straight from the internet, I mean, I-tunes tomorrow.

Listen to Love Song-1 and They Say by the Internet after the jump.
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