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Download Nevermind tribute album feat. Meat Puppets, Vaselines, Titus Andronicus, Jessica Lea Mayfield…

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind, SPIN convinced some bands to cover each track from the album for a tribute record: Newermind. You can see the full tracklist and download it for the price of your email address and a “Like” at SPIN‘s Facebook page.

As far as the most interesting part of this project, I’m in agreement with SPIN editor Steve Kandell, as told to NPR: “The most intriguing angle was getting bands like the Meat Puppets and the Vaselines, who were famously covered by Nirvana, to finally repay the favor, and with “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Lithium,” respectively, Nevermind’s two best-known songs, at that.”

From the Chip Midnight Archive: Meat Puppets 1994 Audio Interview


The Meat Puppets will perform an acoustic in-store at Used Kids at 6pm and then a full-blown rock set at The Summit a few hours later with the Retribution Gospel Choir (side project for Low’s Alan Sparhawk) opening.

Duffy’s been asking me for years to convert my old interview cassettes into MP3s for archival purposes. After hanging with the Meat Puppets and their manager, Dennis, in Austin during SXSW a few months ago, I decided that the interview I did with bassist Cris Kirkwood back in ’94 for MOO Magazine would be a good first “From the Chip Midnight archives …” feature. This interview was done shortly after Kurt Cobain killed himself. The Meat Puppets were being hounded with interview requests due to their friendship with Cobain but very few, if any, interviews were being granted. Fortunately, I had put in my request to speak with them BEFORE Cobain died and their publicist, Regina Joskow, let me be one of the few writers to talk to them.

MP3: Cris Kirkwood interview from 1994

While we were waiting for the Kirkwood brothers to finish up recording their Daytrotter session in Austin, Dennis suggested that rather than interview the band, I should take my ’94 interview, and every time they mention Too High to Die (the album they were promoting at the time), I should swap in Sewn Together (the brand new Meat Puppets album). If you give the interview a listen (a little boring at times, I’ll admit – but there is some really funny stuff scattered throughout), you’ll see how easy it could have been to pass it off as a recent interview.

You can check out the feature I did on the Meat Puppets in The Big Takeover (issue 64), on newsstands soon (I’m a subscriber and got my issue in the mail yesterday).

Coming to Columbus: Jenny Lewis, Camera Obscura, Meat Puppets, Bonnie Prince Billy

….but not on the same bill.

6/3/09: Meat Puppets @ Summit
6/6/09: Jenny Lewis @ Wexner Center
6/12/09: Bonnie Prince Billy @ Capital Theater
6/29/09: Camera Obscura @ Wexner Center

I plan to get the Columbus music calendar back into shape this weekend.

(disclosure: i work at the wex)