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Video: Lou Reed & Metallica “Lulu” Trailer

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Trailer for the Lou Reed/Metallica Lulu” project which drops November 1st in North America and October 31st worldwide.

Lou Reed & Metallica’s Collab “Lulu” Set on November 1st Release Date

When reading this press release for the upcoming Lou Reed/Metallica record LULU my mind drifted to some other bizarre collabs:

Jello Biafra and the Melvins? Dead Kennedys and Melvins aren’t the same but adding a vocalist to the Melvins music wasn’t that absurd.

Trent Reznor and El-P’s Flyentology? Both dudes are cypercreeps. Song is good.

So that brings us to the Lou Reed, and Metallica’s upcoming album Lulu that drops November 1st, on Warner Brothers. Continue reading

Metallica Warns Fans To Beware Of the Front Row’s Claims of Footage Ownership

Cliff Em All was my shit when I was in 7th Grade. So in the spirit of that video I am passing along this message Metallica’s Management has sent out to their fans regarding false claims of Metallica footage acquisition.

Los Angeles, CA – March 23, 2011 – Metallica today announced that all announcements made on their behalf via Writers Group Film Corp. and their subsidiary Front Row Networks, Inc. are false. Writers Group issued a press release on March 22, 2011 announcing “the acquisition of several hours of unique Metallica 3D & 2D concert video footage for distribution.”

“Metallica owns and controls its recorded performances and Creeping Death Music owns the vast majority of any music embodied in Metallica Recordings,” said the band’s attorney Peter Paterno. “Pretty much any legitimate business would have contacted us to see how Metallica felt about it. Maybe these guys just forgot.”

“We are very happy to have bolstered the Writers Group Film Corp. stock price by using the Metallica name,” quipped Marc Reiter from Metallica’s management, Q Prime. “We only wish they would have told us sooner so we could have bought some.”

3/11/09: SXSW Updates: Metallica, Fader, Paste


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Okay, lot’s going on. Hard to keep up. Don’t forget Showlist Austin and SCHED* for all your SXSW prep work.

Have any other things you want to discuss about SXSW? Post it up in the comments. We’re at the 1 week countdown.