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Watch: MF Doom Bombs Graffiti In London

YouTube Preview Image

In the above video, MF DOOM goes bombing in London, England with OSU graduate Drew Wolf as his look-out. The bugged part is that Drew played look-out for a plenty of Columbus graffiti writers when he lived here so I guess Doom picked the right guy.

Listen: MA_ Doom (Masta Ace + MF Doom) “Slow Down”


Masta Ace decided to leak  “Slow Down” off his upcoming album with MF Doom entitled MA_DoomSon of Yvonne. Sounds like Monty Hall can still have himself a ball.

Reno’s Gnarls Barkley Columbus OH Poster Now For Sale

This is one of my favorite Reno posters in awhile:

People holding the giant balloons seem to include MF Doom, Cee Lo as Darth Vader (and a dude from 300) and more… Click here to order it. Limited edition, screenprinted, only $20.

MF Doom Dunks at Embassy on Tuesday

I saw this on Clintonville skateshop Embassy’s website.
For more info click here: Embassy Skateboards