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Photos: The Black Keys at The Schottenstein Center

The Black Keys played in front of over 10,000 people in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday. Parts of the show were barebones. Parts were majestic. People loved it.

I figured I would share some candid photos with our good readers of DW.

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Listen to the Video: The Black Keys “Lonely Boy”

YouTube Preview Image

Bla dat dat dat. Time to bang the new The Black Keys song. Lonely Boy is the first single off of the EL Camino.

EL Camino will be in stores December 6th.

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MP3: Racist Joe aka Daymon Dodson “B*tch, You Don’t Know Sh*t!”

MP3: Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit!

At the 6th Annual Daymon Day Parade on September 17th, we will be handing out 7 inches of Racist Joe’s cult hit song Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit produced by DJ Bombay.

Song is hilarious as Daymon raps about mythical sexual exploits that resonate all the way out to Polaris over the theme music to Soap.

And during times like these, who can’t relate to the phrase, “Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit!”?

Thanks to Michael Carney for designing the label and cover. Also special thanks to Mus-i-col for the quick turn-around on pressing, and Carabar for being supportive of this record from day 1.

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Michael Carney Featured In New York Times Article About “the Incredible Shrinking Album Cover”

Readers of DW are no stranger to the Black Keys art director Michael Carney.
The New York Times caught up with one of sites’ favorite Grammy Winners, and discussed the affects of Smart Phones, and I-Tunes on album cover design in a declining market.

Except from New York Times Feature The Incredible, Inevitable Shrinking Album Cover

WHEN the album designer Michael Carney submitted his proposed cover for the Black Keys’ album “Brothers” last year, he and the band were a little anxious. Seeking a change from their previous, illustration-driven packaging, which he’d also designed, Mr. Carney devised the simplest of covers: two sentences — “This is an album by the Black Keys. The name of this album is Brothers” — set against a black background

“We thought, ‘Are we allowed to do this?’ ” Mr. Carney recalled of the bare-bones cover, which he also felt reflected a new boldness in the Black Keys’ music. Although its label, Nonesuch, was initially perplexed, Mr. Carney’s fears were ultimately put to rest. “The marketing people said, ‘This is our dream!’ ” Mr. Carney said, and the artwork was a go.

Read the New York Times Article here or Pick Up a New York Times tomorrow (Sunday).

Michael Carney will return to Columbus for the DAYMON DAY PARADE.
Mike will dejay the parade’s afterparty along with Sinkane of Yeasayer at Carabar September 17th, here in Columbus, Ohio.

Daymon Day Weekend September 16-17 2011

Next Month Columbus, Ohio will be celebrating the 6th Annual Daymon Day with a weekend of love driven community activities.

On Daymon Day Eve, September 16th, there will be a show at Skullys Music Diner, Nick Tolford & Co, Envelope & Detox, and Freaky Franz & Cornelius Jackson will perform. Johnny Cashola & True Skillz will play records. The admission is 5 Dollars. The door goes to cover parade costs like permits and renting the required amount of police escorts for the parade. For more info & to RSVP Visit Daymon Day Eve’s Facebook

On Daymon Day, September 17th the parade will leave Tuttle Park promptly at 8pm. There will be a mural painted during the day. So feel free to come earlier. We will be dispersing a 7inch record of Daymon’s local hit song, “Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit” prior to the parade.(Details will be forthcoming). The afterparty will be at the Carabar. Admission is free. It will be special and more announcements will be made in the future. For more details go to the Daymon Day Parade’s event facebook.

Feel free to like Daymon Day on facebook.

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Cornelius Jackson and The Black Keys on New Diplo Moombahton 2k11 Mix

I’m a Columbus-based blogger and the Black Keys and CJ Townsend aka Cornelius Jackson get lots of mentions by me. Sometimes together . So I am delighted that Diplo put both the Black Keys and Cornelius Jackson’s Moombahton group Cassius Slay on his latest mix.
And if you know what’s really good in Columbus, some other things may come to mind on this.

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Video:Freaky Franz “Karl Malone” Live at the Switchboard Party

YouTube Preview Image

The homie Sammy Bananas shot this video of Weedsteeler x Fool’s Gold in full effect mode at last week’s Switchboard party in New York.
This is a video of Columbus’s own Freaky Franz getting busy with Martin Weedsteeler, Grammy Award winner Michael Carney, and Andy Hams going ham in the crowd to Franz’s hit “Karl Malone”.

Interview: Michael Carney Talks About the Grammy Award Winning Packaging of the Black Keys Album Brothers

(Photo from www.Grammy.Com)

The Black Keys’s art director Michael Carney won a Grammy for the packaging of the the Black Keys’s album Brothers. The Black Keys also won Grammy’s for Best Alternative Music Album and Best Rock Performance By a Duo or Group With Vocals.

I interviewed Michael Carney back in December for an article that I wrote in the Other Paper when he was initially nominated.

Here is the full interview where Mike talks about what is unique about Brother’s packaging, CCAD, Columbus, and more.

Where were you when you found out you were nominated officially?

I was in my apartment in Fort Greene with my friend Mike Swen refreshing the Grammy’s website when my brother called and told me.

Are you going to the ceremony?


What was the last official ceremony that you have been to?

I guess graduation from Art School, unless a Trey Songs concert counts.

In this age of downloading…what role do you think art direction plays in what gets purchased, and what gets downloaded?

I have found in the past few years larger labels are actually willing to go over the top when it comes to packaging. It seems like right now it is really easy to get people to listen to your music, but to get people to actually buy it is a whole different story. There are so many bands that seem like they are huge because they get tons of press, but they don’t actually sell any records.

I don’t think good art direction means that a record will sell, but I do think that bad art direction could easily keep your record from selling. Continue reading

CCAD Graduate Michael Carney Nominated For a Grammy For Work With The Black Keys

Mike Carney is from Akron, but between his time at CCAD and work with Columbus Discount Records, Weedsteeler, and art collectives like 3CB/PBJ/BSA, Carney definitely was huge part of Columbus.

The Black Keys got 4 Grammy Nominations in all.

from the Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Black Keys, the blues-rock duo featuring Akron natives Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, received Grammy Award nominations in four categories, including best alternative music album for their latest release, “Brothers.”

The nominations were announced as part of an hour-long CBS special from Club Nokia in Los Angeles that featured performances by nominees such as Mars, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Train and Miranda Lambert. Winners will be announced on Feb. 13.
The Black Keys’ single “Tighten Up” is in the running for best rock song and best rock performance by a duo or group with vocals, while “Mud” is nominated for best rock instrumental performance.

Carney’s brother, Michael Carney, was nominated in the best recording package category for his art direction on “Brothers.”

Deathly Fighter Interview

Agit Reader posted an interview with Michael Carney of Deathly Fighter. Their album Completely Dusted is easily one of the best Columbus records of the year. With a little perspective it may be the best Columbus instrumental album since RJD2’s Deadringer or Blueprint’s Chamber Music. Time will tell on that idea.

Playing and collecting various synths is almost like a religion for you. So I’m interested, when it comes to making music, do you sway more towards Suicide or the classic Krauts, because I hear both.

MC: Obviously we listen to a lot of that stuff. Overall, it’s the idea that our music is relaxation. Usually it has more to do with the mindframe that the Kraut stuff is done in. But Suicide? You listen to a lot of those songs and as aggravating as it is, it’s also kind of calming. It has to do with all that. We’re not trained musicians by any means, there’s no guitar solos, and as corny as it sounds, it’s all about the vibe.

I guess the better question then is less about your influence and more about what you are trying to accomplish sonically. How much does the production of hip-hop factor in to what you’re doing?

MC: It’s funny that you ask that. Certain people who we’ve played it for hear that. Hip-hop from skate videos definitely play a role, even if we all have different opinions on what we hear. I met Christian through skateboarding with him eight or nine years ago—the original Deathly Fighter. And back then there was just certain hip-hop that fit well on punk and skate videos. When I create drums, it’s like how the Krauts were able to make something funky without it being funky. So I’m trying to find samples, or drum loops and such, that aren’t exactly funky and then try to make them funky.

read more of this interview on Agit Reader.