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Happy Halloween: Dress Up like The Black Keys & Waka Flocka Flame At A Very Inexpensive Price

(Via pitchfork media & www.weedsteeler.com )

A few years ago I dressed up like Jim Jones for Halloween. I had to borrow 1000 dollar prada glasses from Martin Weedsteeler to complete my outfit.
Well, this year I have the option of dressing either like The Black Keys or Waka Flocka Flame at a fraction of the price.

Costume order info and pricing after the jump
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The Black Keys Album Brothers Goes Gold In Canada

The Black Keys album Brothers was just certified Gold in Canada. This means along with Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, Donewaiting contributer Michael Carney will now have a gold record to put above his bed for doing the album art.
The Keys recently were awarded a VMA recently as well.
Well anyway, If you recall i interviewed Patrick back in August and he was suffering from anxiety. Well, he has overcome this by seeing a hypnotists.
YouTube Preview Image
so to celebrate Michael Carney having a gold record and Patrick being hypnotized..
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Behind the Artwork: Michael Carney & The Heartless Bastard’s The Mountain

Michael Carney has illustrated a lot of high profile album covers, most notably the entire discography for The Black Keys (you may note that he shares a last name with the drummer of the band, Pat Carney (his bro)). Most recently, he did the artwork for The Mountain, by The Heartless Bastards. The record is one of my favorites of the year so far, so I thought it would be a good subject to kick off this new series on the site. I sent Carney some questions about this release and his career in general.

How Did This Project Come About?

The Heartless Bastards are on Fat Possum Records and I have been doing random freelance stuff for them since 2003/late 2002 when I did the cover for Thickfreakness for The Black Keys. Matthew Johnson (Fat Possum mastermind) really liked that cover.. (He once told me I should shoot myself because there is no way I will ever do anything better than that cover.)

Anyway, I have worked with Matthew for a while and he tends to flow me whatever work he can. Usually the bands already have an art guy and want nothing to do with me… in this case Erika (the singer/guitar player songwriter) told Matthew she wanted me to do the cover for her record. That was during the summer of 2008. I did some other random stuff for them leading up to this cover, (t-shirts and a poster) and that gave us some time to get used to working together. Their manager, Ginna, who is great, also played a huge roll in making this happen.

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