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Interview with an Ohioan: The Black Keys’s Patrick Carney

Photo of Pat Carney, Michael, and Gabe taken last time TBK played LC

I accidentally set a phone interview up with Pat Carney, drummer of the Black Keys, during the same time as my little brother’s bday party. On the upside, the interruption of my little brother’s celebration informed me that my mom saw the Black Keys on Leno, and they talk about the Black Keys at my older brother’s work.

They have family name recognition for obvious reasons: The band debuted number 3 in the nation with their newest  album “Brothers”. People that like rap love them. Teenie boppers who like vampires love them. Movie stars love them. Men, who aren’t pussies and wear jean jackets with patches expressing solidarity with Vietnam P.O.W’s like them. And indie rockers still bump them next to Andrew Bird, St. Vincent, and Best Coast.

I am especially happy that you can now say “Tighten Up” around a female  without her thinking that its a joke about the size of her vagina. (Usually, they will say you have a small dick. The only argument around that is to blame the patriachy for making them shamefull of their big vaginas. It is a double standard)

My point. My mom and older brother know who the Black Keys are for the same reason they sold out the LC. They are doing well and working hard.

The downside it that Pat called me back while my mother was cutting watermelon on the back patio. So i scooted off to another room… I want to call it the family room. But I don’t think we have ever called it that.

But because I was in a place that could be called a family room, I was interrupted by my little brother and my mother offering me watermelon,  soda, video games and conversations that would never pertain to any of my interests.

So a road exhausted Pat Carney forced himself to call me when he would rather be napping to promote a show that was already sold-out, because he didn’t want his younger brother Mike to harass him anymore and I was mad awkward because I didn’t want to curse or speak on ellicit matters in the prescence of those that share genes with me.

With that context read about the Nigerian Bank, Touring, Truth and Soul, Lollapoolaza, the Rza, Columbus, and Mike Carney the life coach.

So I saw that the Nigerian Bank hacked into your email account?

Pat Carney: Someone in Nigeria did. I got a gmail notification that my account was compromised from Nigeria. They sent a mass email out to my contacts saying I was stranded and I needed money.

Did people start hitting you asking why you were in Nigeria?

The email said I was in the UK. I did receive a million texts wondering why I needed money. Continue reading

Interview with Fool’s Gold’s Sammy Bananas


MP3:Kid Cudi, Kanye West, & Common-Make Her Say (Sammy_Bananas_Remix)

Sammy Banana’s is playing at Bristol Bar this Friday along with CJ Townsend, and DJ Dan from Paradise Garage. He puts out music on Fool’s Gold Records (A-trak, Kid Sister, Cool Kids etc). The New York Native dejays all-around the globe.

I met Sammy in the beginning of November. Dood booked Columbus’ CJ Townsend to play at Piano’s in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
I was in the city, hanging out with Pat, and Mike of the Carney family
We met CJ and Lil Franz up at Piano’s because it was CJ’s 21st bday. (if you know me, ask me about me getting really drunk and stomping on a grown man’s feet, and trying to run his pocket because I was confused of his intentions and didn’t like how he looked in general)

Sammy played classic New York rap half the time, and house the other half.
CJ and Sammy sampled Gucci Mane’s adlib “Burr” “Burr”,and would press a button that would repeatedly make this adlib audible at random intervals whenever they felt like it.
Regardless of what music they were playing.
Be it Golded Era Hip Hop, House, New Jack Swing, Electro or Fidget R+B.

Even though we were drunk in NYC, it felt like we were in Columbus.

Sammy really likes R+B and New Jack Swing. He is huge fan of the 90’s. So I figured I’d quiz him on his preferences.

In Living Color or SNL with Chris Rock?
In Living Color. I like the Fly Girls.

Living Single or Family Matters?


Living Single was was the show that Friend’s appropriated for white people like Elvis and Family Matters had Urkel.
Definately didn’t watch Urkel.

Family Ties or Alf?
Alf. I’m fond of Aliens. I’m a a big XFIles fan.

Haha..perfect…Fresh Prince or Independence day
Independance Day is a good movie. But I’m going to go with Fresh Prince.

But Independence Day had aliens.
I said I like Indepedence Day. It is a good movie. But Fresh Prince captured the 90’s, Fresh Prince had juxtapositions that allowed for comedic events to transpire.
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