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Show Review: Milk Music – Ace of Cups 7-25-12 Columbus, Ohio

Milk Music’s
set at Ace of Cups Wednesday had the Olympia, Washington band, who has made public their love of SST Records, going further away from Black Flag and continued their journey down the Dinosaur Jr. path. They played songs from “Beyond Living” and also some new stuff. The aggressive attack of “Violence Now” is certainly a thing of the past.

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MP3: Milk Music – “Violence Now” (they play 7/25 @ Ace of Cups)

MP3: Violence Now

Above is  Milk Music’s “Violence Now”, a MP3,  from the Olympia, Washington cult rock n roll band’s long out of print split flexi-disc with Carrie Keith of Gun Outfit that came with an issue of Nuts! Zine.   If you mess with 80’s SST hardore and also early 90’s lo-fi then you prolly would dig Milk Music.

Milk Music long sold-out EP Beyond Living is available on I-tunes.

Milk Music will play the Pitchfork Music Festival 7/15 and Columbus, Ohio at Ace of Cups on 7/25 as part of their Summer Tour.  You can download their  set at Primavera over at WFMU to check out how they sound live.

Complete listing of North American Tour after the jump

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