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Get Right Columbus Third Anniversary @ Skully’s Photos

MP3-DJ Detox & Johnny Cashola-Get Your Mind Right Vol 1

MP3-Johnny Cashola-Money Motivational Music Vol 1

Lifted these photos from this guy’s Facebook page.
I wrote about Get Right in the Others Paper.. So if you wanna know the background about an event that had 940 people in and out of Skullys all night read-it.

After the jump look at bootys, disc jockeys and beautiful Americans.

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Columbus Memorial Day Eve Dance Parties

Alot of things poppin off Tonight, Usual Suspects @ Ravari, Sweatin/Rad Dogs Party @ Wall Street and Milk Bar’s O-gee @ Due Ameaci


More info on Memorial Day EVE Parties after the jump
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Daymon Day Basketball Tourney Match-Ups


As mentioned before, Daymon Day will be returning to Tuttle Park 9-19-09. For more info on Daymon Day, and its parade, please read 614 Magazine’s article on the event. 614 interviewed Envelope, Daymon’s mom Judy and myself for the article.

As for the Basketball portion of the event, CJ Townsend organized a basketblog tourney, in which Team Donewaiting (DJ True Skills, Aleks Shaulov,Andrew Patton, and myself) will compete with Weedsteeler, Agit Reader, Milk Bar, Embassy, Kings Rowe,Central City Recordings, and The Grip for a warm case of PBR.

The bball tourney will be from 12 to 5 at Tuttle Park, Saturday 9-19. The Daymon Day Parade is scheduled to start at Tuttle Park @ 8pm.

(the grudge match right now is between Weedsteeler and the Grip. Or perhaps Weedsteeler and itself)

Get Right Sells Out Club Karma

Get Right Host DirtNap, The Catalyst & Weedsteeler doods.

Dj Detox, Johnny Cashola & co had their biggest night Friday. People were getting turned away at the door @ 1am.. .(unfortuantely) Continue reading

Welcome New Donewaiting Writer Jessica Morgan


Introduction from Wes Flexner:

The first time I hung out with Jessica Morgan she was giving me a ride to Dirtnap and Johnny Cashola’s from Club Carma. She pulled up the corner, turned down the random Gucci Mane song and yelled to a group of black doods, “Oh no, the blue-eyed white devil has me. I can’t help it. They eat pussy. That’s their tricknology. Damn devils.” Then she peeled out. After I turned rouge from the embarrassment, I decided girl could be Sarah Silvermen x 9 ether. Makes sense.

She is Thought Set (The Catalyst, Meta4c,Envelope etc). Almost a year later Jessica approached me at Dipset Night at Spice and told me she followed my blog when she was away at school at NYU, and told me I should put her on. She was already goof-balling on the Get Right Blog as Jessica the Gawd. When she approached that night, Jessica was rocking a Barbara Kruger shirt she copped at the Pictures Generation show at the Met with my homegirl Caitlin, something about all that made me be like, ‘ www.donewaiting.com understands you babygirl’ and then we pinky swore to be besties. This Get Right review is her first blog but believe me she will around town for the next few weeks. Jessica Morgan is the person in this picture that isn’t me.


When I think of the Spice Bar certain things come to mind; douche bag guys in bad clothes and their annoying cokehead girlfriends standing around being pretentious or drunkenly dancing to shitty Flow-Rida songs and spilling my drink. Those assholes were in for a rude awakening when the Milk Bar’s Get Right took the place over for its 2 year anniversary party; Get Right shut shit down providing three rooms of DJs playing a variety of music. Continue reading

4-20 Now Available at Finer Establisments

There is a new monthly publication available at The Wexner Center, Milk Bar, & Ladybird that was conceived and created by Big Marty and Shawn aka dem Weedsteeler boys aka the same people who brought you Vomitrocity, divisive internet behaviour, Hipsters & YP’s liking Gucci Mane & Dipset, influential flyer design, and I got most of my friends real jobs.


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Tonight in Columbus:The Meatmen or Yello Fever

YouTube Preview Image
The Meatmen “Crippled Children Suck”

Ok. When I was in 8th grade I kinda fronted on the Meatmen. I was SXE listening to Minor Threat & the Dead Kennedys next to Public Enemy & Poor Righteous Teachers so song titles like “Lesbo Death Dirge”, “French People Suck,” and “Camel Jockeys Suck” didn’t mesh well with my dogma.
Nowadays, anytime I hear the Meatmen, I smile. I mean right now what would you rather hear Jello Biafra over surf guitars or Tesco Vee insulting most things?
Meatmen are playing at Bernies. This is technically the best thing going on tonight.
Hopefully M.O.D. or Lee Ving come to Columbus soon.

But odds are I end up @ Yellofever @ Hamptons(formerly known as B.Hamptons.


Yellofever are playing Lollapooloza this year and also have a prty called Rehab in Chicago. They make remixes that Adulture & CJ Townsend play. So good vibes and youth will be in air. While I should go to the Meatmen. Hamptons has a patio that won’t be filled with people that spent the whole day at the bloodbank so they can buy merch so it will be more comfortable.

Vegetate @ Dragonfly

DC Kareem & Scotty are launching a new six week series called Vegetate tonight. Cj Townsend & Scotty are dejaying.
DFly is supposed to be catering some neo-v foodstuffs.

Get Down on the Floor With the Get Right Mixtape.

This picture is not indicative of the turn-outs of Get Right. Hit their MySpace up to see the success. Also look at Johnny Cashola’s Lynard Skynard shirt. Look at Dirtnaps shirt too. Look at Detox cause he don’t dress weird. Just don’t look at Franz from Triceratops if you are at work.

The number one phrase. The only phrase that has counted is Get Your Mind Right. It’s Scientology with results instead of aliens. If not “Shh, lady, Gargle”.


So When DCKareem of the number one sex shop Milk Bar teamed with Columbus’ most versatile deejaay Detox, and Johnnny Cashola (who is known to be a part of fashionable society because of his or her regular participation in social activities and fondness for spending a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained) linked up to make a dance party that is soo Columbus, soo well-respected; it was only a matter time they put a mixtape on smash.

It may be difficult wrap your head around this tape if you aren’t from Columbus. See Columbus really loves Gucci Mane, and Dipset. Trap rap has run downtown nightclub Culture (white and black) for as long I can remember being willing go to nightclubs with the insurance I would not have to hear drum n bass or jungle. We hate ravers. We like hard shit. And we like comedy. And this ain’t irony. Except when Detox brings back Rick Ross saying working with the police and over and over again. But you know what. Rick Ross works with the police. Continue reading

Flyer Than The Rest: Wale in Columbus Show Review

Photo’s By Steve “Homeschool” Lieb check his blog The Grip .

MP3: Wale & Catchdubs:100 Miles & Running Mixtape

Wale came to Columbus this week. The DC rapper had just announced that Interscope had signed him. Bun B, Pharrell, Kanye, Lil Wayne would be fucking with him on his album. Wale had been rolling with Marc Ronson for awhile and had a strong buzz.

So I was kinda curious what that translates to on a 12-15 dollar ticket in Columbus,Ohio. We are 2.5 kids and dog and all. Coke Zero and Clear Pepsi didn’t test well. But we did invent the digital screen that tells you how much your Wendy’s is. So I guess we are a good gauge of whats gonna fly between the coasts.

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