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Photos: Moon High @ Rumba Cafe

With Donewaiting coming to a close I am trying to shove as many photo posts in as I can. Hope you don’t get sick of me. (Or if you do I’m still going to shove pictures at your computer!)
Moon High
Rumba Cafe
February 7, 2013




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Moon High & Human Cannonball played in Dayton’s Historic South Park District


Moon High

Human Cannonball & Moon High played Dayton’s South Park Tavern last Saturday night. The venue rests on the outskirts of South Park Historic District – the old company community of National Cash Register (NCR). The area – once known as Slidertown – was built up and beautified at the direction of NCR founder and hothead John H. Patterson. He’s a highly fascinating character that changed the world as we know it. Look into it sometime.

After Monkey With Bomb’s opening set (which I unfortunately missed), Moon High took to the stage, playing their lovely set of placid-folk-rock. Everything this band does is anti-pomp. It makes you feel like things are gonna be all right.

Human Cannonball is fronted by now-Columbus resident and Dayton native Jesse Remnant of Southeast Engine. The band is comprised of seasoned and spirited Dayton players. HC banged out a dozen or so pop-folk gems and duly wowed the crowd. At evening’s end, everyone was wanting more.

I took some shitty photos with my phone to post here. Also, as a disclaimer, I play with Jesse in Southeast Engine, but that band has nothing to do with Human Cannonball. More than anything, I want to support Columbus acts as they head to my hometown of Dayton, OH.

Jesse Remnant of Human Cannonball

Friday in Columbus: Local bands

MP3: Deadwood Floats – The Colours I Earned
MP3: Sovroncourt – Butch Cassidy

Forget the Foster the People show at the LC on Friday. (And while you’re at it, forget Empire of the Sun and all the myriad knock-offs that MGMT and Passion Pit have spawned. BLAH.) If you’re dead set on catching a touring act, take a risk and check out Thrill Jockey’s Man Forever (feat. Kid Millions of Oneida) at Double Happiness.

I was going to pick a local show to preview, but they all seem worth at least a mention: Rumba has a solid triple bill with the Receiver, Way Yes and Saturday Giant; At Carabar, Nick Tolford, the Weight of Whales and Dayton’s Shut Up share a bill with Chicago’s Al Scorch; and the Tree Bar booked a folk-rock night with two relative newbies — Deadwood Floats (cover art for their “The Colours I Earned” single above) and Sovroncourt — and anchored by local chill-folk stalwarts Moon High and melodious Kafe Kerouac scenesters Audrey & Orwell. Check out the mp3s above for a taste of what the newbs have to offer. (Deadwood Floats RIYL Blind Pilot, and Sovroncourt accurately describes himself as “croak folk.”)

Use your Google and MyFace for more details on the shows. Oh, and the Columbus Arts Festival starts Friday, which also happens to be the day with the best music lineup of the fest, including Tim Easton and the Randys.

Other Friday shows you’re looking forward to? (Not sure what’s happening at Summit or Bourbon St.) Post in the comments or in the Hype section of the Friendship Farm.

Tonight: Southeast Engine, Black Swans, Moon High @ Tree Bar

If you haven’t been to the revamped Tree Bar yet, tonight’s a pretty good night to check it out.

Sundown (feat. TK Webb): Debut cassette EP, videos

“Sleepy Song”

We told you previously about Sundown, a new project from Kansas City-to-Brooklyn-to-Columbus psych-folkie TK Webb featuring Dustin White (Moons/George Martin of Times New Viking), Grant Driskell (TY Eye) and Blake Pfister (Moon High, TV Eye). Last weekend at Independents’ Day the band released its debut EP, Mansion Burning, on cassette. You can grab it at Lost Weekend Records or digitally.

This video for “Sleepy Song” comes from that Ind. Day set, courtesy of Scott Johnson. There’s no droning harmonica like the EP version of the tune, and it’s probably the most downtempo Sundown song (hence the name), but it’s a solid introduction to a fledgling band that’s already turning heads (for good reason). After the jump, EP album art and another live video (“Fog”):
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Photos: Music Week Columbus day 3

Friday was the last day of the amazing Music Week Columbus. This night I made it to all three venues to catch Audrey & Orwell, Maza Blaska and Moon High at Rumba, Phantods at Kobo and finally Town Monster at Rumba Cafe.

Maza Blaska

Town Monster


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Photos: Rumba Anniversary w/ Alwood Sisters, Bird & Flower, Moon High & Receiver

Rumba had it’s fifth anniversary weekend. Saturday night’s show featured Alwood Sisters, Bird & Flower, Moon High and Receiver!

Alwood Sisters

Bird & Flower

Moon High

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MP3: Moon High – “Autumn Leaves”

MP3: Moon High – Autumn Leaves

Despite this track’s autumnal title, I recently described Moon High’s new album, Six Suns, as a “summer record, but not in the typical sense. This isn’t cruising-with-the-top-down music. It’s a record to soundtrack a hot day spent alternating between sun and shade.” A little Googling revealed I’m not the only one getting warm, summery vibes. Deville called it “natural and warm,” and 614 called it “the perfect wandering journey for the duration of a hazy summer afternoon.”

Well, it’s hot, and Six Suns is here. (On vinyl, too.)

Photos: Moon High, Small Sur, Way Yes

Moon High, Small Sur (Baltimore) and Way Yes played a house show last week!

Moon High


Way Yes

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MP3: Time and Temperature – “I Know the Caves are Deep”

MP3: Time and Temperature – I Know the Caves are Deep

Val Glenn, aka Time and Temperature, quietly released an EP/mini-album called Cream of the Low Tide last week, and it’s aptly titled — Glenn’s creamy guitar tones accompanying her gorgeous, lilting voice. David Fowler of Moon High recorded the songs, and he kept things nice and simple even as Glenn got a little help from her friends on strings, percussion, lap steel, glockenspiel, flute, etc. Highly recommended, especially on a gray day like today.

As far as I know, this is Time and Temperature’s first digital release after several cassette-only or limited-edition 7″ releases. Download it at her Bandcamp site. She left yesterday for a tour overseas. Dates in France, Belgium, Austria and Germany after the jump. Continue reading