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Anyway Records 20th Anniversary show

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Perhaps you heard about this on the Facebooks already, but if not, you really need to see this lineup, going down at Ace of Cups 12/21 and 12/22.

9:00 – St. Lenox
9:30 – Winter Makes Sailors
10:00 – Obnox
10:30 – New Bomb Turks
11:30 – Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments
12:15 – NECROPOLIS – covering Gaunt

SATURDAY – KIDS SHOW: 6-8pm – Free
Chris Biester (from ADR)

8:00 – Belreve
8:45 – Jenny Mae
9:15 – Kyle Sowashes
10:00 – Moviola
10:45 – County Pharaohs
11:30 – Connections
12:30 – Greenhorn

Anyway Records celebrates 20 years with a two-night blowout at Ace of Cups (Dec. 21 & 22)

Just in time for Christmas, Bela Koe-Krompecher issued the following note regarding Anyway Records 20th anniversary celebration:

In celebration of 20 years of debt-making Anyway will host a two nights of shows at Ace Of Cups, December 21-22. Bands playing include: The New Bomb Turks, Moviola, Kyle Sowashes, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Connections, Obnox, Necropolis (covering Gaunt), Greenhorn, Belreve, Jenny Mae, St. Lennox, Orchestraville, Winter Makes Sailors, County Pharaohs and more. Proceeds from the show will go to three charities (Peloton, Columbus Music Co-Op and NAMI Ohio). On Saturday, there will be a free kids show starting at 6 PM. Admission will be $7.

We’ll have much more information as the shows get closer, but clear your calendars now, this is one (two) not to be missed.

Listen: Mark Eitzel – “I Love You but You’re Dead”

Mark Eitzel and Columbus go way back. At one time Eitzel wrote for Tim Anstaett’s The Offence, and his early, Joy Division-esque band Naked Skinnies began here. They were the “hero band” of Ron House, who played lots of shows with Naked Skinnies and helped put out the band’s first 7-inch, “All My Life,” on “Naked House Records” in 1981. Eitzel formed the Skinnies, his precursor to American Music Club, with Greg Bonnell (AMC, Moviola), John Hricko and Nancy Kangas before heading out to San Francisco. Though Eitzel doesn’t recall the period with particular fondness and has yet to permit digital dissemination of the aforementioned 7-inch, it’s better than he remembers it to be and a fascinating look into how Eitzel started out.

Fast-forward to 2012. American Music Club is dissolved (at least for the time being), and Eitzel is about to release a solo album called Don’t Be a Stranger. Eitzel has said of the new record, “I wanted to make an album more reminiscent of records like Harvest by Neil Young or Five Leaves Left by Nick Drake than anything I’ve previously done.” The Young/Drake touchstones make perfect sense on this first preview, which recounts the tale of Eitzel watching a band fronted by a woman who wrote “I love you but you’re dead” on his poster.

Don’t Be a Stranger is out Oct. 2 on Merge Records.

Record Store Day in Columbus 2012

As we’ve noted, and as you’re likely aware, Saturday is Record Store Day. Here’s everything you should need to navigate RSD in Columbus. Feel free to add any additional relevant info in the comments.

Columbus RSD releases:
Lydia Loveless has an official RSD exclusive 7-inch release on Bloodshot featuring “Bad Way to Go” from Indestructible Machine backed with a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Alison” (750 copies nationwide). Moviola is releasing a split 7-inch with North Carolina’s Hiss Golden Messenger (ex-Court and Spark members). It’ll have Moviola’s “Yankee Road” b/w HGM’s “Shiloh Town” (by Tim Hardin); 200 copies available at Used Kids, Lost Weekend and the Wexner Center store. The first release of Lost Weekend Records’ new label of the same name is a 7-inch featuring The Guinea Worms’ Will Foster doing “G-A-u,n,t GAUNT” and indie filmmaker Nasli Hovsepian doing “Reba’s Face” (more background and info on this release, plus some RSD background, in The Other Paper); 150 black, 130 purple and 15 tie-dyed available only at Lost Weekend on Saturday. Athens orchestral-folk act The Ridges is also releasing “The Insomniac’s Song (Live with The Sleepless Singers)” — “a limited run, LP-sized, 12″x12,” hand-screened printed poster that comes with a download code,” available locally at Magnolia Thunderpussy.

And here’s the skinny on all Columbus record stores, including address and any extended Saturday hours, live band/DJ performances, whether or not the store ordered RSD exclusives, store discounts for RSD and any other extras the shops are offering (Update: Added Endangered Species in Delaware):

Ace in the Hole Music Exchange
1153 Kenny Centre, 457-5666
Saturday hours: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. (or later)
RSD exclusives? Yes
Extras: Ticket giveaway for upcoming LC shows – Wilco (8/4) and O.A.R. (7/25)
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Saturday: Wussy @ Ace of Cups + mp3 premiere

MP3: “Grand Champion Steer”

Between the Ass Ponys and Wussy, Chuck Cleaver’s got 11 or so full-lengths and countless EPs and singles under his belt. One wouldn’t expect the heavily tattooed Cincinnati songwriter to produce his best collection of songs this late in his already highly-prolific career, but that’s exactly what he’s done with, in my opinion, the best release coming of out Ohio in 2011. To be fair, Cleaver’s not the sole songwriter in Wussy, it’s a collective effort with Lisa Walker (guitar, vocals), Mark Messerly (bass, keys) and Joe Klug (drums) contributing their fair share.

While I’ve been a fan of Cleaver’s since first hearing the quirky-twang of “Earth to Grandma” coming through the speakers at Used Kids in the mid-90s (and later seeing the Meat Puppet’s-ish “Little Bastard” on MTV! Oh, what a glorious day that was!), the new Wussy release, Strawberry (listen to – and buy – on Bandcamp), is something I’ve returned to over and over on the iPod in the last 2 or so weeks – the passion between Cleaver and Walker (as ex-lovers, as current songwriting partners) so natural, the voices playing off each other so beautifully.

Fortunately, with Wussy headquartered about 120 miles southwest on 71, we’re luckier than most and get somewhat regular shows in Columbus though Saturday night’s show at Ace of Cups is somewhat special, serving as a CD release party, of sorts. Wussy will be joined by Columbus counterparts Moviola and Birds of Hair (featuring Scrawl’s Marcy Mays).

MP3: Moviola – “Let the Saw Do the Work”

MP3: Moviola – Let The Saw Do The Work

Jerry Dannemiller fronts this next tune in a series of freebies from Columbus’s Moviola, also featuring background vocals by Eve Searls. Get more free Moviola music from Bandcamp.

New Moviola: “Disaster”

Another free Moviola track. Words and music by Greg Bonnell. Recorded by Jake Housh at Rustic Bridge, Used Kids Records and Indianola Presbyterian Church between 2010 and 2011.

MP3: Ron House & Moviola – “Fire Tressel, Not Teachers”

One lies to his bosses and gets patted on his head
The other wants to bargain and is told to drop dead
Fire Tressel, not teachers
Save the children, not Judas

MP3: Ron House & Moviola – Fire Tressel, Not Teachers

Ron House, opinionated as ever, wrote this one and recorded it with Moviola around one mic at Used Kids on Tuesday night. Also available at Moviola’s bandcamp page, along with some other great freebies the band has been releasing the past few months.

Video/MP3: Moviola – “Aspidistra Blocks”

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MP3: Moviola – Aspidistra Blocks

Here’s another new track from Columbus pysch-roots vets Moviola. Plus a green-screen video, credited to James N. Reynolds/archive.org. Apparently the band is releasing a new song and video the first of each month in 2011. This is good news. Time to bookmark Moviola’s Bandcamp (do people still use bookmarks?).

“Aspidistra Blocks” was recorded around one mic at Used Kids last spring.

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Moviola’s new track is NOT a David Lee Roth cover

When I first got the notice that Moviola was debuting a new track on Bandcamp called “Yankee Road”, I wondered to myself, “Why would these guys decide to cover David Lee Roth’s first hit as a solo artist?”

Then I realized DLR’s hit was “Yankee Rose” (“I’ll take a bottle of anything … and a glazed doughnut …. to go”).

There’s still time though. Moviola’s going to be giving away many new tunes, for free, in 2011 on their Bandcamp page so stay tuned – maybe they’ll cover DLR’s “Just Like Paradise”!