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Video: Mr. Little Jeans “Runaway”

A Norwegian turned person that lives in Los Angeles Mr. Little Jeans is not a Mister. She is a woman named Monica Birkenes that occupies that space between art and pop without being cliché. She is a women whose dad built catamarans. Her boat building dad, and secretary mum put her through vocal and piano lessons. She sang in the church choir, and eventually sung at old-folks homes, and what not.

A few years later she moved to London where she did a terrible job as a waitress but worked hard to get her music dream going. You may have heard her covers of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” and Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” Mr. Little Jeans has an album coming out on Sony that is produced by Tim Anderson(Ima Robot, Dead Man’s Bones). Reading that should make you want to watch the above video for Runaway which drops 4/10. Her album will be out in August.