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Tonight: Imagine Dragons @ The A&R Music Bar

Caught this song by Imagine Dragons on XM radio a few weeks ago and kinda dug it. MTV.com premiered the “It’s Time” video yesterday and since they don’t allow embedding, the best I can offer you is the 30-second teaser the band posted on their own YouTube page. If you want to watch the whole thing, click here

Imagine Dragons play at The A&R Music Bar tonight. Tickets are $12. With all the buzz about this band (they’ll be returning to Ohio in July to perform at the Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati), expect this one to sell out. The band’s EP, Continued Silence, can be purchased here.

Video: Danny Brown & Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire Live in NY

YouTube Preview Image

Well, Danny Brown is playing Kenyon College in Gambier,Ohio tonight. It’s about an hour away from Columbus.
The above video will either motivate you to make the trek or hold you over. It is of Danny & Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire rocking a MTV/Beats By Dre Party in New York City Wednesday.
XXL Magazine is reporting that Brown and eXquire are doing an album together. HUZZAH. Wonder if El-P will produce some songs on thurr? Cause from the twitters it appears that Danny Brown will be on El-P’s upcoming album Cancer For Cure.

Odd Future 2011 Fall Tour Dates

Odd Future is touring the North America this fall. The GolfWang tour is ALL-AGES and features no opening acts. There will be an opening set by OFWGKTA’s DJ Syd the Kyd. But other than that…no random dudes who know the promoter to drain away the energy.
Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator has been nominated for a 2 VMA’s. You can vote for Tyler here and here.
If you want to make yourself more excited about this tour then peep Pitchfork’s and OkayPlayer’s reviews of MellowHype’s Blackenedwhite.
Fan on-sale Wed (8/3) + general on-sale Fri (8/5)/ Sat (8/6) for show tickets.

It appears that if you live in Columbus, Ohio and you want to see duh WolfGang then you will have to head to Cincinnati or the D. If you go to the Show At Bogarts in the Nati then check out the mural my friends and I did a few year ago on the side of the venue.

After the jump a watch a video of “Sandwitches” live in Los Angeles that Lance Bangs shot while compiling footage for Odd Future’s Adult Swim Pilot..

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DJ Premier Announces European Tour Dates & Breaks Down Jay-z’s “Hustler” In Decoded For MTV

DJ Premier spoke with MTV this week about Jay-z’s new book Decoded.
The Gangstarr legend obviously produced many Jay-z classics like “So Ghetto”, “One In A Million”, “Friend or Foe” and “D’evils” so he has some insight on Jay.
Be sure to check for DJ Premier Presents- Year Round Records “Get Used To Us” which will be released on 12-7-2010.

Primo also is set to Tour Europe:

11-30 Skopje, Macedonia
12-1 Pristina, Kosovo
12-2 London, England
12-3 Oslo, Norway
12-4 Frankfurt, Germany
12-5 Lecce, Italy
12-6 Amsterdam, Netherlands
12-7 Napoli, Italy
12-8 Bologna, Italy
12-9 Budapest, Hungary
12-10 Paris, France
12-11 Brussels, Belgium

Vote For Kate Hutson in MTV’s Twitter Jockey Contest

As you may or may not be aware of a Columbus girl, Kate Hutson, is in the running to be MTV’s first Twitter Jockey. They’ve been showing her on MTV and have a billboard with her picture in New York. If Kate wins she gets a job that will pay her 100,000 and have her be the network’s first twitter host
She has been going through a series of challenges in the competition. Today she interviewed Asher Roth. A couple days ago, RJD2 and her held a twitter convo
Anyway to help her win, please vote for Kate here: MTV TJ Voting
Voting ends 5pm Thursday
Follow her:twitter.com/katehutson
Read her tumbler:Kate Hutson’s tumbler

even if you are selfish and don’t care…think about how Kate could help Columbus music gain exposure if she were to win. She has already been riding for Envelope

The 120 Minutes Archive

120 Minutes was a show on MTV that featured what was known in 1986 as college rock, these days it is referred to as indie rock and somewhere in between it was called alternative rock.

Someone with a lot of time on their hands has archived every show and linked to every video.

Check it out here.

Hope you have some time to burn.

Epicly Later’d Will Be On MTV 2 Satuday

YouTube Preview Image

Patrick O’dell aka I’m from U.A. Aka I am from Columbus. Aka I had a big ass ramp in my basement in U.A. when I was in High School. Aka my sister was in Lambsbread. AKA That guy has jeans made by Altamount. Aka number 1 picture shooter for Thrasher and Vice. Aka Epicly Later’d will be on MTV 2 Saturday.

This episode below won’t be on the television on Saturday. But who doesn’t have Neckface in their Top 5 rappers of all time next to Katt Williams, Bill Cosby, Andrew Dice Clay, and Don Rickles.

YouTube Preview Image