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Photos: Jack White @ LC Pavilion in Columbus

Jack White, Shovels & Rope
LC Pavilion | Columbus, OH
Oct. 8, 2012



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Question for Donewaiting readers – When is the best time for us to post a show preview?

Typically we try to post previews for upcoming Columbus shows a day or two before show date. We feel this serves as a final reminder and if it’s a band that you already know about and/or like, you’ve heard about the show some other way before we post. However, some of you probably don’t visit Donewaiting every day or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe you only visit once a week.

On Friday, I posted a preview for the Scott Lucas and The Married Men show. The attendance for that show was abysmal (that’s a whole other post!). On Monday, somebody that I’m sure would have gone to the show emailed to ask a question about the opener. This person didn’t realize that the preview was for a show that had happened the day before and, rather, thought the preview was for a show happening THIS Sunday.

So let me ask you this, readers: When is the best time for us to post a show preview? A day or two before the show? A week before the show? As soon as we learn that a show has been booked? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section (or on Facebook).

“Snowmen Losing Weight”: Noah Falck book release party Sunday in Dayton

Noah Falck releases his first book of poems, Snowmen Losing Weight, this Sunday, June 10 at Canal St. Tavern in Dayton, OH. He will be joined by a host of fellow poets and area musicians (see flier above).

Falck is an elementary school teacher in Northridge (the very small north Dayton hometown of Guided By Voices’ Bob Pollard). Along with a Pushcart Prize nomination, Noah’s poems have spread widely in journals such as Bat City Review, Boston Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Forklift Ohio, Greensboro Review, Gulf Coast, Kenyon Review, La Petite, and Smartish Pace.

Snowmen was selected by BatCat Press as part of their 2012 series. According to their website, “BatCat Press is fully staffed and operated by the students of Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School in Midland, PA. Submissions are accepted during our annual reading period and are selected by students with the help of members of the BatCat Press advisory board, a collection of writers, teachers, and administrators from across Western Pennsylvania.” Continue reading

Moon High & Human Cannonball played in Dayton’s Historic South Park District


Moon High

Human Cannonball & Moon High played Dayton’s South Park Tavern last Saturday night. The venue rests on the outskirts of South Park Historic District – the old company community of National Cash Register (NCR). The area – once known as Slidertown – was built up and beautified at the direction of NCR founder and hothead John H. Patterson. He’s a highly fascinating character that changed the world as we know it. Look into it sometime.

After Monkey With Bomb’s opening set (which I unfortunately missed), Moon High took to the stage, playing their lovely set of placid-folk-rock. Everything this band does is anti-pomp. It makes you feel like things are gonna be all right.

Human Cannonball is fronted by now-Columbus resident and Dayton native Jesse Remnant of Southeast Engine. The band is comprised of seasoned and spirited Dayton players. HC banged out a dozen or so pop-folk gems and duly wowed the crowd. At evening’s end, everyone was wanting more.

I took some shitty photos with my phone to post here. Also, as a disclaimer, I play with Jesse in Southeast Engine, but that band has nothing to do with Human Cannonball. More than anything, I want to support Columbus acts as they head to my hometown of Dayton, OH.

Jesse Remnant of Human Cannonball

Facebook geared to change again

Digital Music News recently posted an article on Facebook, its plans to redesign (again), and how this will affect musicians. Looking back, when MySpace started looking like a NASCAR racer, the end was on the horizon. I’m not sure what is in store for Facebook, but I do know it’s an ephemeral, unpredictable platform and ye olde website seems to be the most reliable means for sharing one’s art on the Internet.