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Artists Can Pay To Increase Myspace Play Stats

Epitaph Recording artist Sage Francis was solicited by a company offering to boost the amount of myspace plays he has for a fee. He posted this hilarious myspace interaction with a company called Want More Plays on Sage Francis.net’s message board.

Musicians on Myspace seemingly have the need to appear more popular by having extra “plays” on their page’s audio-player. Heh. It’s true. Services are sold. Entrepreneurial Myspace hack-companies look for d-bag artists who need to seem more popular than they actually are. Shallow as it is….dats da troot. However, some artists are part of collectives or labels who are more resourceful (meaning they develop programs of their own that generate more “plays.”) As shallow and lame as this may seem, it happens. I remember checking another musician’s site and thinking, “How is it possible for them to have that many plays when they have such little activity on their page?” Heh. It is what it is. If there are any recording artists on this forum who are in need of looking really cool and important, please pursue the leads I have purposely included in the discussion below.

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Want More PROMO?
Date: Jan 1, 2008 2:58 PM

Do you guys need help accumulating plays and views mainly…. anyways, if you would, let us know. we’re cheap compared to the rest of the guys who rip people off.

Alright, upfront, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.
$25 for a thousand plays/views for one day only
$75 for a thousand plays/views per day for a week
$100 for 2000 plays/views everyday for a week
$150 for 5000 plays/views everyday for a week
$200 for 10,000 plays/views everyday for a week

Let me know if you’re interested.

get back to us, also we can work out different prices for how many plays you want per day and same with views. like if you wanted 10 thousand of each per day, etc. just let us know and we’ll work it out with you

Basically if you tell us how many you want per day, etc, we can do that, within reason, or atleast, work up to that point, and we can work with you guys.

We’d love to help out and work with you guys.

Give us an add while you’re at it too

Contact us here or at wantmoreplays@gmail.com

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Donewaiting.com Facebook Page

We’re already on Myspace, so why not this? I just created a Donewaiting.com Page on Facebook. Dear lord someone else join the page besides myself.

I am suspicious of the value of the page, but we’ll see what it does, if anything.

One more way to feel closer than ever to your friends out in Columbus.