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New Bomb Turks Perform Destroy-Oh-Boy! Saturday in Columbus


MP3: Born Toulouse-Lautrec from Destroy-Oh-Boy!

New Bomb Turks surprised a European crowd a few weeks ago by playing Destroy-Oh-Boy! from front to back. Europeans can’t have all the fun, right? That’s why the band has decided to do it again tomorrow at Ravari Room. They’ll play the album, have a drink, and likely do a second set of stuff from the rest of the catalog. Line up now.

Columbus: New Bomb Turks + Scrawl @ The Summit 2/20/09

New Bomb Turks in cause chaos

MP3: Born Toulouse-Lautrec by New Bomb Turks

New Bomb Turks still do a few shows every year, and when they happen they are always a must-see, especially in Columbus. What is making this show even more insane is that Scrawl will be playing too. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Expect a sold out show, lots of drinking, several injuries, and many many many hangovers.

Chicago Bonus: The Turks are playing the next night @ The Cobra.

UPDATE: You can get advance tickets here.

This Just In: New Bomb Turks at The Summit Tonight

This just in: The New Bomb Turks are playing at The Summit tonight. They’re going on sometime around 10:30ish PM.