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MP3:Jay Electronica Feat Diddy-Ghost Of Christopher Wallace

Phot0 by Envelope

MP3:Jay Electronica feat Diddy-The Ghost of Christopher Wallace

Obviously Exhibit C had proceeded with an homage to Biggie’s Who Shot Ya.  And the new Badu album has a zillion Biggie references. Diiddy had been hitting Jay saying he taking long…Then Diddy did Exhibit C with Jay>

Well above,,,,,,, ladies and gentlement is Jay Electronica and Diddy’s Ghost of Christopher Wallace on Bad Boy Records.

Biggie Dissed Pac over a Dilla Beat?

YouTube Preview Image

MP3:Notorious B.I.G., Busta Rhymes & Labba-Modern Day Gangstas

Pos 2 just put me onto this. Above… is a You Tube video of Frank from Frank N Dank, DJ Rhettmatic, and the late great Dilla discussing the process of recording what they claim to be an unreleased BIG attack on Tupac Shakur and why it never came out. And below the video is the actual song, Modern Day Gangstas. Obviously Frank has the verse confused with BIG’s verse off of Jigga’s Reasonable Doubt..but the story is still pretty interesting…and it does sound like Biggie is going at Pac.