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Video: Jay-Z – “99 Problems But Mitt Ain’t One” @ Obama Rally in Columbus, Ohio

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Jay-Z flipped the wording on 99 Problems from “bitch” to “Mitt” today at the Obama Rally in Columbus, Ohio.

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Monday in Columbus: Jay-Z & Bruce Springsteen & Obama Rally

Barack Obama’s National Communication’s Director Brent Colburn tweeted:

@BarackObama‘s last day on the trail? The Boss in WI, OH & IA; Jay-Z in Columbus; Ending with @MichelleObama in IA, where it all began

President Obama, Jay-Z ,and Bruce Springsteen will being holding a rally here in Columbus, Ohio Monday. No details where but my guess would either be the Oval or the Statehouse.

. I saw this on my friend’s twitter. But the Washington Post broke the story.

Also, The Marshall Tucker Band will be Playing Mitt Romney’s Rally in Columbus,  Monday according to the Dayton Daily News. 

Copywrite Recieves A XL in XXL Magazine

Columbus rapper Copywrite got a pretty good review in XXL Magazine for his upcoming album, the Life and Times of Pete Nelson.

Peep Copywrite’s newest installment of his freestyle series on Hip HopDx.
It is produced by Path of All Eyes Path, and starts off with a sample from Obama’s recent speech at OSU.

Jay-z, Diddy, Mary J Blige At Columbus Obama Rally


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Yesterday, P.Diddy, Jayz and Mary J Blige posted up on Mt. Vernon Ave here in the C.O.