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MP3: Times New Viking – “No Room to Live”

MP3: Times New Viking – No Room to Live

I became a TNV believer a while ago, but this new track blew me away. Really dreamy vibe with milky vocals and even an acoustic base track. And yeah, it’s got a studio sound instead of a 4-track sound. But it’s that super-warm, analog studio sound that CDR‘s Adam Smith (above left) gets out of Musicol. Can’t wait to hear all the songs that came out of the sessions there.

“No Room to Live” is on a handmade, tour-only seven-inch (w/ “Nite & Day”) that you can snag while the trio finishes up the first leg of a tour with that one band from Dayton… (Unfortunately Times New Viking isn’t opening the Guided by Voices show at Outland Live on Saturday, but the band promises they’ll have copies for Columbus.) CMJ and (competing?) #Offline festival appearances soon, too.

And Times New Viking has a new website (and Facebook and Twitter). Web presence! Also looks like Wichita will be handling things in the UK/Europe.

Photo courtesy Kevin Elliott’s Flickr