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Photos: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister @ LC Pavilion

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
He’s My Brother She’s My Sister
LC Pavilion – Columbus, OH
May 30, 2012

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros


He’s My Brother She’s My Sister

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Facebook geared to change again

Digital Music News recently posted an article on Facebook, its plans to redesign (again), and how this will affect musicians. Looking back, when MySpace started looking like a NASCAR racer, the end was on the horizon. I’m not sure what is in store for Facebook, but I do know it’s an ephemeral, unpredictable platform and ye olde website seems to be the most reliable means for sharing one’s art on the Internet.

15 years since the passing of Brainiac’s Timmy Taylor

Brainiac at The Lithuanian Club — March 25, 1995
(Photo compliments of Christian Spencer via Tim Krug)

Brainiac’s Timmy Taylor passed away 15 years ago this week. The wildly original 3RA1N1AC were forerunners of a creative swell hitting Dayton, Ohio in the 1990s. While the Gem City is no stranger to innovation (the airplane, the cash register, the starter motor, Zapp & Roger, The Ohio Players, etc. all born in Dayton), it seemed a particularly imaginative time. Bands like The Breeders, Guided By Voices, Swearing at Motorists, and many more were buzzing about town. One could head to Canal Street, The Sub Galley, The Lithuanian Club, The Chameleon Club, Trader Vic’s, Gem City Records, or Network and feel the excitement in the air. All-ages shows were frequent: The whole community was involved.

Alas, I think many heard and saw and believed that Brainiac were The One. The chemistry and ingenuity Timmy, Juan Monasterio, John Schmersal, and Tyler Trent possessed seemed otherworldly. It was truly something special. Though it comes nowhere close to displaying the band’s magnitude, you can get an impression below:
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Photos: Saintseneca, Time & Temperature, Dolfish, Blake Skidmore @ Kobo /

Saintseneca, Time & Temperature, Dolfish, Blake Skidmore
May 9, 2012

Kobo 2nd Anniversary Night 2



Blake Skidmore

Time & Temperature

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Kickstarter campaign for Mike Elliott — one of Ohio’s finest unsung heroes

YouTube Preview Image

Mike Elliott (aka Miles Down) has been writing  and recording behind closed doors for years — delivering beautifully composed, ramshackle CD-Rs to close family and friends. Honestly, I’m convinced he may be the finest lyricist and songwriter in the whole state of Ohio (Springfield-raised and residing in Athens for years). Very few have heard of him because, well, he doesn’t give a shit.

It seems Mike makes music solely for music’s sake. Talking to him, there is no whining — no stifling anxieties over who’s not paying enough attention to him, why he’s not getting his due, why he’s not famous, etc.  It gives him and his music a sense of purity, humility, and honesty.

Alas, Mike has decided to step out from behind bedroom doors and record a record proper. Regardless of the newfangled approach, I truly believe the ethos will remain the same. Here is the Kickstarter campaign he put together to fund the project. The promo video is amazing. Please support. Continue reading

Photos: Ben Kweller @ The Basement

Ben Kweller
The Basement
March 26, 2012




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Ohio represented at SXSW 2012

Many Ohio bands are headed down to SXSW 2012. They will represent The Buckeye State in a whole slew of musical genres. If you’re in Austin this year, make sure to give our Ohioans some love.

Here are the Ohio bands playing official showcases only, loving culled from the SXSW site. Feel free to post anything we’ve missed in the comments. There are, of course, quite a few unofficial showcases with Ohio bands, so post those, too. (There’s also quite a discussion raging in the message board about the 2012 “We Are Columbus” showcase.)

Tuesday, March 14

The Seedy Seeds || Cincinnati, OH || @ Soho Lounge || 9 pm
The Lions Rampant || Cincinnati, OH || @ Soho Lounge || 10 pm
Whiskey Daredevils || Cincinnati, OH || @ Soho Lounge || 11 pm
The Sundresses || Cincinnati, OH || @ Soho Lounge || 12 am
Wussy || Cincinnati, OH || @ Soho Lounge || 1 am

Wednesday, March 14

Dual Core || Cincinnati, OH || @ Malaia || 10:15 pm
Pomegranates || Cincinnati, OH || @ Trinity Hall || 11:30 pm
Machine Gun Kelly || Cleveland, OH || @ The Belmont || 12:50 am
Puffy Areolas || Cleveland, OH || @ Valhalla || 1:20 am
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Photos: Frank Black live

Frank Black / Black Francis / Charles Thompson of the Pixies played Outland last Friday in a balmy, balmy show. It was pretty miserable on the floor in my shorts and tank top but I can’t even imagine how the man survived for an hour and a half on stage! Nonetheless it was a great show.




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Photos: Times New Viking, Psandwich & Mike Rep and Tommy Jay

Times New Viking, Psandwich, Mike Rep and Tommy Jay
Wexner Center for the Arts
July 1, 2011

Times New Viking


Times New Viking

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Photos: Junip at the Wex

Junip played this past Sunday at the Wexner Center.




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