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Photos: Explosions in the Sky & Octopus Project

Last week Explosions in the Sky played with the Octopus Project a sold out show at Outland on Liberty.




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Bow Down: Hip Hop Started in Ohio

Contrary to conventional wisdom that self-absorbed people talking in riddles over stolen music originated in the South Bronx, a 80 Year-old Springfield,Ohio man claims he invented Rap music in the 1940’s. Thats like 30 plus years before Sugarhill Gang bit their lyrics from the Cold Crush Brothers for “Rappers Delight”. And like 56 years before Ice Cube claimed that Hip Hip was started in California.

Watch the video from the Springfield News Sun here: Rap Started in Ohio

Love gets sent out to to daddy, Springfield, Dayton, Cincinnati. But in the double-o, I represent the C-O.