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Photos/Review: Rachel Grimes, On Fillmore in Columbus

Photos by Ed Luna
Though I was very much anticipating this show, it turned out I really had no idea what I was in store for. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a set of only piano music, but Rachel Grimes (of Rachel’s) effortlessly filled the Wexner Center‘s performance space with composed, emotional, divine music. Between donewaiting, Benco and events that I accidentally end up attending, I find myself seeing more live music than ever these days. Though more often than not they are bands I enjoy hearing in my free time, I can’t help but secretly wish for the sets to pass quickly when I’m in attendance. This may be due to my busybody nature, but in the case of Saturday night, I was dreading the end of the show. Grimes proved to be a truly exquisite composer and performer live and translated a sense of calmness very well from music to audience. Continue reading

Saturday in Columbus: On Fillmore and Rachel Grimes

YouTube Preview Image
The Wexner Center has had an interesting Spring and Summer series, boasting current indie giants Mumford and Sons, The xx and Midlake. While any show there is usually well visited, some seem to fall under the radar more than others. I hope this will not be the case on Saturday night as the performance space will host a double bill with On Fillmore and Rachel Grimes.

On Fillmore is the project of Glenn Kotche (Wilco’s drummer) and Darin Gray (experimental bassist from St. Louis). The two have finished three records now, the most recent being Extended Vacation (released on Dead Oceans). Their musical flexibility is best illustrated in the juxtaposition between their primitive, star-gazing last release and the perfectly creepy soundtrack they composed for J.T. Petty’s 2006 documentary, S&Man.

Rachel Grimes (of instrumental Louisville band Rachel’s) will be gracing the Wex the other half of the night. Grimes, an unbelievably talented pianist, has recently released a solo record entitled Book of Leaves and will be touring on it in both in the US and Europe through the fall. She has also found success as a film composer by recording work for Gregory King’s film Rotating Mirror. Her ability to intertwine the sounds of nature and her piano is breathtakingly alluring. Whether you’re a fan of classical music, serious musicianship or both, this show is not to be missed. Visit Grimes’ site for more film footage.