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Photos: Phantogram & EXITMUSIC @ Outland live

Phantogram & EXITMUSIC
October 22, 2011




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Photos: Frank Black live

Frank Black / Black Francis / Charles Thompson of the Pixies played Outland last Friday in a balmy, balmy show. It was pretty miserable on the floor in my shorts and tank top but I can’t even imagine how the man survived for an hour and a half on stage! Nonetheless it was a great show.




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Photos: Explosions in the Sky & Octopus Project

Last week Explosions in the Sky played with the Octopus Project a sold out show at Outland on Liberty.




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Photos: CD101 Day Showcase with Phantods, Town Monster and Wet Darlings

Last week I photographed the CD101 Local show competition of the Phantods, Town Monster and Wet Darlings. The winner (Phantods) would go on to play CD101 Day at LC Pavilion with a gaggle of class national acts!

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Wednesday: Brendan Benson/The Posies/Aqueduct @ Outland

In the book that I’ve been threatening to write for most of 2010 but haven’t started yet … the book that takes you, dear reader, behind the scenes of some of the more memorable interviews I’ve done in my 20 years of chatting with bands, there will definitely be a Posies story. I won’t spoil the story but it involves one of the Sassy-ist alt.rockers of the mid-90s and his phone call to the Posies hotel room as we interviewed Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow during the Frosting on the Beater tour after eating dinner with the band at the Spaghetti Warehouse in downtown Cleveland.

(Oh how I hope this is part of the set)

This year, The Posies released their first new album (Blood/Candy) in 5 years and it’s probably their best since 1996’s Amazing Disgrace (which, for the record, I pulled out today and it’s definitely stood the test of time). Even Stringfellow admits that 2005’s Every Kind of Light was “perhaps a kind of hard to read take on the Posies”.

There’s so much more to say about The Posies but I’ll save that for the interview I’m doing with the band that you’ll be able to watch here in a few weeks.

The Posies occupy the middle slot on the Wednesday night bill at Outland. Aqueduct will open and Brendan Benson of The Raconteurs (with Jon and Ken performing as part of his band) will headline. Doors are at 7pm and Benco says the show will be done by 11pm. Tickets are $20 at the door.

Photos: Guided by Voices in Columbus

Words by Joel
The consensus for the Guided by Voices show in Columbus on Saturday night seems to be: Great show from the band, awesome set list, not bad sound… terrible venue environment — namely, the obnoxious security dudes. But even with security constantly harassing Cary for taking pictures (he had a photo pass) and smoking (he doesn’t smoke), he got some pretty cool shots that capture the sweaty performance. (One unexpected highlight for me: Pollard doing a pre-show version of “Teenage FBI” with the opener, Nick Mitchell. Love that song, but didn’t think I’d get to hear it on a “classic” GBV night.)

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Canceled: St. Vincent at Outland tonight

Update: The show was canceled. More info on St.Vincent’s Twitter page.

I just spent an hour at the CD101 studio talking with Annie Clark (St.Vincent). She’s every bit as sweet and charming as she appears in her videos.

St. Vincent will be at Outland (95 Liberty St.) tonight (in the Brewery District). Tickets are $15 at the door and the show will start around 9pm.