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Interview: Hundred Visions

Can’t really knock it when you’ve scored the opening slot on a buzzed-about tour even if the only consumable music you have out there for people to preview before seeing you is a 3-song EP. Hundred Visions have found themselves in the honored position as the guests of fellow Austin-ites White Denim for a round of touring that drops them into The Basement on Wednesday night (4/18).

While hanging out in Toronto early this week, Hundred Visions singer Ben Maddox answered some questions about his band, Austin, White Denim and his love (or at least appreciation) of Pantera.

Word on the street is that White Denim is hot shit live. Do you concur?

That rumor is fucking founded. I used to watch them at clubs in Austin before we started Hundred Visions and be equally inspired and discouraged by their show- inspired to start my own band, and discouraged that I might never be that good.

Those who have Googled “Hundred Visions” have hopefully stumbled across the Bandcamp page and have digested the 3-song EP you’ve got up there. What’s the best you can expect for out of a crowd whose only exposure to Hundred Visions thus far has just been a trio of songs?

Hopefully to dance, to bob, to move. Something like that.

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Fool’s Crown CD release party tonight @ The Billiard Club

There’s all sorts of metal in Columbus – if there’s a certain niche you’re looking for, you’ll find it whether it be at some of the clubs (The Billiard Club, Alrosa, Ravari Room) or at CD stores (Magnolia Thunderpussy has an amazing metal selection). When it comes to HEAVY metal, my tastes run in the power/thrash metal genre, created or influenced-by early-to-mid ’90s bands like Pantera, Slayer, Mastodon, Lamb of God. Locally, no band does this sound better than Fool’s Crown. The band’s Up the Antics (released 01/07) was a culmination of 4 years of writing, practing, performing, solidifying the line-up, and recording and was an ideal compliment to Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power.

MP3: Innocent Past Time Apology

Tonight – at the Billiard Club (911 E. Dublin-Granville Rd.) – Fool’s Crown will drop their second EP, Engraving the Scars. A well-executed follow-up to Up the Antics, Engraving the Scars turns it up a notch with more fierce vocals (I can barely understand anything Keith Lucas sings screams but I don’t care, it’s damn good), Laura Miller’s always-shredding guitar playing (it wouldn’t happen in a BILLION years but if Pantera ever decided to reform, Laura would be my pick to fill Dimebag’s shoes), and a POWERFUL rhythm section consisting of old pal Jim Swanson on bass and Matt Miller on drums. In late 2007, the mysteriously named “Z” joined Fool’s Crown on lead/rhythm guitar to thicken the band’s sound.

Not sure what time things kick off tonight or how much the cover is but joining Fool’s Crown will be Kingsblood, The C.O.A.S.T., and The Council.