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Video: The Mooncussers – “Lowlight”

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This went out yesterday, a new video from Columbus band The Mooncussers, fronted by ex-Lilybandit Todd May. It’s off the band’s EP, Demo, available here for free. MOKB liked it. Reaction among Donewaiting staffers has been, well, mixed:

“I kinda like the Mooncussers EP, but thinking this video is shoddy/corny”

“that video is horrible also, so is the song”

“not their best, but it’s what they got so far”

“The video’s appeal is that it has a hooker in it and is filmed in a really low-grain. raw reality way. The intro almost looks like a juxtaposition between noire starlet/camera phone picture and an electraplay session. i’ve seen worse things on the net. of course perhaps maybe i was looking at the hooker before i knew she was a hooker.”

“the casting in this video is all wrong….If Crow Ontologica had played the hooker, it would be gold.”

“Dang. I like these guys, I like the song, but the video … um …”

So… whatchu think?

Lydia Loveless releases The Only Man (finally!)


Lydia Loveless celebrates the release of The Only Man on Saturday night at Rumba Cafe. Micah Schnabel (Two Cow Garage), Todd May, and Akillis Green will also perform.

MP3: Girls Suck

It’s about time – along with a good contingent of Columbus music fans, I’ve been waiting on this debut by spitfire country-punk Lydia Loveless for what seems like years. And, as cliche as it sounds, the wait was worth it as The Only Man (Peloton Records) is a timeless collection of heart-weary tracks written by a 19-year-old well beyond her years.

Since the dawn of time, songwriters have been afforded the luxury of straddling the line between truth and fiction and it’s hard to tell just how much of Loveless’s real life she brings into her lyrics. If these songs are all true life testimonials, it’s a wonder Loveless isn’t in a mental institution or, worse, jail – maybe it’s the gift of song that is saving her soul.
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