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Comedy Video:Single White Females Ep 7 “Phoebe’s Guilt”

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Phoebe has a few post-coitus issues after doing it with her boss.

Comedy Video: Single White Females “Ladies Luncheon”

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Phoebe hosts a ladies luncheon. And things get a little out of hand.

Comedy Video -Single White Females Episode 3 “Threesome”

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Two girls for everyboy. Single White Females explores the modern man’s presumed win-win.

Comedy Video: Single White Females Episode 2 “Cocaine”

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The modern world is complex for a young lady. Episode 2 of Single White Females explores the complexities of gender and the cocaine trade.

Comedy Video:Single White Females Episode 1: Bucket List

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One the main reasons donewaiting exists is to create a platform for female comedians that are spreading the gospel of Diva Cups
Yeah, Columbus Music is cool. And Yeah, I like to write about rappers that commit crimes, or worship Satan.
But at the end of the day, it’s truely about the female comedians and their periods.

So I am delighted to fulfill Donewaiting’s mission statement by posting Rosa Handelman’s and Phoebe Neidhardt’s latest sketch comedy endeavor, Single White Females.