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While surfing on YouTube …

Late at night, I often find myself searching for Poison covers on YouTube. Last night I happened across YouTube user u8a22’s version of “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” and, well, I’ll just let the video speak for itself.

She isn’t a one-trick pony. Make sure to check out all the videos on her channel, she covers everybody from the All-American Rejects to Billy Joel to Milli Vanilli.

Sebastian Bach on tour with Poison

Baz and Rob DeLuca

My birthday was yesterday. I didn’t celebrate. My real present came Sunday night courtesy of Rob DeLuca, bassist for Sebastian Bach‘s band, who hooked me up with killer seats for the Poison/Dokken/Sebastian Bach show at The Schott in Columbus. I’ve been a fan(atic) of DeLuca’s since his days slinging bass for Spread Eagle and though the band never blew up the way they should have, I still tell people about driving DeLuca and singer Ray West to a party in Akron after a Spread Eagle show at the Akron Agora in ’90 or ’91.

If you thinking about checking out one of the upcoming shows – there are still a month and a half of dates left – do yourself a HUGE favor and get your ass to the arena early to check out Baz and his band tear things up (here’s my review of the Columbus show).

After the jump … Rob DeLuca answers some questions I sent him via email on an off day on the tour.

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