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Download ATP “I’ll Be Your Mirror” Portishead Curated Mixtape

All Tomorrow’s Parties is returning to the US this month for the first Edition of ATP’s sister event I’ll Be Your Mirror that has been currently held in Japan and the UK. The US edition of I’ll Be Your Mirror will be held in Asbury, New Jersey from September 30th to October 2nd. Saturday and Sunday of I’ll Be Your Mirror will be curated and headlined by Portishead who will be playing their first shows on the East Coast since 1998. Jeff Magnum will be playing two shows Friday and Saturday at the Festival.

Download or Stream this Portishead curated Mixtape which features a good bulk of the artists Portishead chose for I’ll Be Your Mirror. The Mixtape has everyone from Shellac to Company Flow to the Ultramagnetic MC’s.

Mixtape playlist and Festival Line-up after the jump

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Portishead Remixxxed

MP3: Ill Poetic Presents Mood Music Third-Joe Buddens Remixed with Portishead

Cincy rapper/producer Ill Poetic has taken Joe Buddens critically acclaimed mixtape Mood Music Three, and remixed with it Portishead. Its a pretty good idea because Buddens had a lot of things to say on MM. And Portishead always provides a lot textured emotion.

Of course the drawback is that Portishead it is literally mood music. Buddens is dope. But is anyone trying to fuck to some dood rapping about his hard feelings towards the Big Homie, Jay-z?

Then again on Budden’s 2003 hit, “Pump it Up” dood did prove himself as a regular Henry Miller over here, by saying, “Ma wanna fall in love like I’m cupid. Telling me she don’t give brain like I’m stupid .You can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

All jokes aside, Ill Poetic is a refined producer so this project works really well. If you saw Ill Poetic at the Dilla tribute at So What Wednesdays a couple months ago, then you definatly can tell dood has spent time in the lab. So Mood Music Third works. Be on the look out for Ill Poetic in general. He produced Illogic’s next album Diabolical Fun, due out on Weightless in the fall.

In Progress: Coachella 2008

Portishead photo by Mick 0

Coachella is going on right now. Follow along with photos on Flickr or watch live video here.