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Prefuse 73/Gaslamp Killer in 1/22 Columbus Show Review

Atown’s/Spain’s Prefuse 73 thanked the crowd with humility after the end of his set because he was overwhelmed by the positive crowd response.
I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never listened to Prefuse in my life aside from when he played with Edan at the Wex but I did enjoy the soft toned layers of sound over the live drums.
It had a very earthy warmth to it…. like being at a cave near a beach with water trickling in.

I think his performance was more refined than the opener that I came to see, the Muthafucking Gaslamp Killer. Continue reading

Donewaiting.com Presents Prefuse 73 Jan 22 at the Summit in Columbus with Gaslamp Killer and Voices Voices

YouTube Preview Image

Prefuse 73

Continuing our promotions of critically acclaimed trip-hop, glitch are whatever one calls it these days, Donewaiting graciously presents along with Benco, Prefuse 73 at the Summit, Jan 22nd. I saw Prefuse a few years ago at Wexner Center when he played there with Edan. He had two drummers and it was pretty intense. Anyway the above is video of one of Prefuse’s “hits” Perverted Undertones.

While its pretty rad that Prefuse is playing in town, I’m dumb excited about seeing the Muthafuckin Gaslamp Killer. A producer/dj from LA that goes everywhere from dubstep, to psychedelic breakbeats. And does it all in fun. Dood keeps company with Andy Votel’s B-Music company, and Flying Lotus.

Flying Lotus had Gaslamp do a best of Lotus mix last month. You can download it on Flying Lotus’ website, Brainfeeder. And Votel had Gaslamp do a mix for Finder’s Keepers.

On some record digger, dj and glitch producer tip, thats pretty much royalty co-signs.

Watch the trailer for “My Troubled Mind” below.

YouTube Preview Image

Gaslamp Killer

Voices Voices is also on the bill.

Bruce Willis & Mahssa

Redman claimed he was so “bulletproof” that he would “die harder than Bruce Willis”.
Before Xzhibit was pimping peoples rides, he claimed to be “the Black John Mclane”.
Well, looks like Demi Moore’s ex-husband is returning the favor with the documentary,
“The Hip Hop Project”.

The Hip Hip Hop Project examines Hip Hop as a voice, and a vechile for people without outlets.
While I do enjoy Hip Hop as a soapbox for people that wear chinchilla coats, and drive blue lambos, it is refreshing to look at hip hop in a more humble and meaningful light.
The important role Hip Hop plays in many peoples lives is often overlooked.

This movie will close out the Deep Focus Festival, 7pm @ the Arena Grand.

Also, tonight at the Surly Girl Saloon. Columbus ex-pat Mahssa Taghina, will be the guest dejay at “Is this Jazz?”, a bi-weekly event devoted to breaks

Mahssa has been busy dejaying with the like of Prefuse 73, Egon, and Peanut Butter Wolf, and helping run brilliant reissue label. B-Music.
She has some serious records these days.
Is this Jazz?! is from 7-11pm tonight.