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Question for Donewaiting readers – When is the best time for us to post a show preview?

Typically we try to post previews for upcoming Columbus shows a day or two before show date. We feel this serves as a final reminder and if it’s a band that you already know about and/or like, you’ve heard about the show some other way before we post. However, some of you probably don’t visit Donewaiting every day or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe you only visit once a week.

On Friday, I posted a preview for the Scott Lucas and The Married Men show. The attendance for that show was abysmal (that’s a whole other post!). On Monday, somebody that I’m sure would have gone to the show emailed to ask a question about the opener. This person didn’t realize that the preview was for a show that had happened the day before and, rather, thought the preview was for a show happening THIS Sunday.

So let me ask you this, readers: When is the best time for us to post a show preview? A day or two before the show? A week before the show? As soon as we learn that a show has been booked? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section (or on Facebook).