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A Town Monster Christmas

When I look back on 2010, I’ll always think of it as the year of big things for Donewaiting, namely the addition of Donewaiting TV where we started featuring video sessions by touring bands recorded at Electraplay Studio. The guys out there – Tony Stewart, James Allison, Nathan Photos, Matt Grady, Jason Sidwell (and any others I may have forgotten) – do such great work filming bands, recording audio, producing videos, and building relationships with bands, publicists, management, etc.

In addition to the awesome work they’ve done in collaboration with Donewaiting, Nathan, James and Matt perform some funkified, electro-keyboard rock under the name The Town Monster and have quietly been releasing tons of music in 2010. While Ghost Shirt took on the “52 songs in 52 weeks” task, The Town Monster recorded a new 3 or 4-song EP every month and posted on Bandcamp.

Last night, The Town Monster held an exclusive viewing party for A Town Monster Christmas, a 20-minute cartoon/holiday special of which we’ve never seen the likes of in Columbus before and we’re very happy to be sharing the video (animated by Nathan Photos) with you.

A Town Monster Christmas from The Town Monster on Vimeo.