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Things getting interesting in the Queensryche camp

The second artist I ever interviewed was Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton back when the band was touring in support of Empire (which featured the huge hit “Silent Lucidity”). If nothing else, Queensryche has been pretty consistent with releasing new material, 2011’s Dedicated to Chaos was the band’s 12th full-length album since 1984’s The Warning. But even the most dedicated Queensryche fans will admit that the band’s material has been inconsistent since guitarist Chris DeGarmo left the band in ’97.

In mid-May, singer Geoff Tate reportedly threatened his bandmates with a knife before a show in Brazil. And now, following the band’s performance at Rocklahoma last week where Tate told the audience they sucked (“I’m serious”), it sounds like Queensryche is ready to move on with a new singer and using a different name since Tate probably owns the rights.

On June 8 and June 9, Rising West – featuring Queensryche members Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield, and Parker Lundgren – will performing Queensryche classics from the first five albums with singer Todd La Torre (Crimson Glory) at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. Based on his YouTube demo reel, sounds like La Torre will do just find handling Tate’s vocals.

Supposedly Rising West will hit the studio later this year to record an album’s worth of material. Stay tuned to the drama, it should get interesting once Tate has something to say about the whole thing.

Tonight: Queensryche w/ Lita Ford @ The Newport

All things considered, this seems like a decent deal. $23 at the Newport door tonight will get you the opportunity to hear Queensryche play selections from Rage for Order (1986), Empire (1990), and their latest, American Solider (2009). Seeing as how they’ve done tours in the past where they’ve played Operation: Mindcrime in it’s entirety, it’s good to see Queensryche is changing up the setlist for this tour and hitting some material they may have passed over in the past.

That all being said, it is strange that Lita Ford’s set supposedly consists of just 3 songs (and that she’s backed by Queensryche instead of her own band) including a duet with Queensryche’s Geoff Tate on “Close My Eyes Forever”. Watching YouTube footage of the duet, it just seems incredibly awkward and it’s fair to say that Lita has sounded much better in the past.