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The new Radiohead, as we listen to it.


In Rainbows .. available now! With liveblogging!

15 Step
Getcher hip-hop on boys, including the trademark Yorke yowl.

A rocker, but in the “anthemic” sense, a la “National Anthem.” Get it? Anthemic sense? Whatever … next song.

All I can say? finally.

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
The title would lead one to believe this is a throw off track .. but it’s not. In fact it’s a slow builder in the vein of King Crimson. That is if Fripp when knew when to hold back, which he doesn’t. A great bridge too, by the way.

All I Need
Mmmmm … bass keys. Nice and claustrophobic. Slowly expands,. but never really resolves itself.

Faust Arp
Think “Row Your Boat,” if “Row Your Boat” was sailing on the seas of paranoia. Also, file under folk tinged disaster.

I’ve heard this before … the band is beginning to repeat themselves. But at online viagra least their cribbing from some of their best moments. Creepy, subterranean, folk.

House of Cards
A distant cousin of “Pyramid Song,” only with a taste of The Bends.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Oh! Now we’re back in OK Computer territory? I suspect this is the one that will have have fans wetting their pants. Aside from the inclusion of “Nude” of course/

And again, a taste of the past, sort of “Exit Music.”

Overall, well worth the four bucks I paid for it — with is twice what the band would have made from a physical copy sold through a label.

Color us pleased androids.

BTW: The downloading process? Seamless, super-quick, and painless.

It’s Your Boyfriend: R Kelly Review

Ok. The new Kells is so amazing to me that I was surprised it hasn’t been universally heralded as a classic by the critics of the world. But I guess it isn’t, according to metacritic.

In my mind, Justin Timberlake is Radiohead. You know. Anyone with taste would see that its great music.

And if Timberlake is Radiohead, then Kells is Bjork. You know—>acclaimed music by a quirky weirdo pervert. (watch a Matthew Barney movie. I dare you. Thats Bjork’s boo. His films are borderline as bad as Kells’ urinating video)

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It’s Your Boyfriend!!
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