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Why “Record Store Day sucks” arguments suck

This Irish Times article titled “Why Record Store Day can’t bring the good times back” was the final straw in a series of bah-humbug complaints posited by music fans about Record Store Day. Of course the day has its faults, and of course it can be abused, but I’ve yet to hear an argument that convinces me it’s a bad idea. The arguments usually go like this:

1. “Record shops are not just for Record Store Day.”

True. But that’s a pretty terrible reason to be a Scrooge about a day that brings in money for the record stores that so-called True Vinyl Collectors frequent all the other weeks of the year.
a.) It’s snobby and smacks of the type of record-snob elitism that keeps average Joes out of record shops.
b.) I’ve spoken to several shop owners who say that every year RSD brings new people into their shops, and a good chunk of those people then become regular customers, which means that this complaint is actually an argument for RSD.
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Record Store Day in Columbus 2012

As we’ve noted, and as you’re likely aware, Saturday is Record Store Day. Here’s everything you should need to navigate RSD in Columbus. Feel free to add any additional relevant info in the comments.

Columbus RSD releases:
Lydia Loveless has an official RSD exclusive 7-inch release on Bloodshot featuring “Bad Way to Go” from Indestructible Machine backed with a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Alison” (750 copies nationwide). Moviola is releasing a split 7-inch with North Carolina’s Hiss Golden Messenger (ex-Court and Spark members). It’ll have Moviola’s “Yankee Road” b/w HGM’s “Shiloh Town” (by Tim Hardin); 200 copies available at Used Kids, Lost Weekend and the Wexner Center store. The first release of Lost Weekend Records’ new label of the same name is a 7-inch featuring The Guinea Worms’ Will Foster doing “G-A-u,n,t GAUNT” and indie filmmaker Nasli Hovsepian doing “Reba’s Face” (more background and info on this release, plus some RSD background, in The Other Paper); 150 black, 130 purple and 15 tie-dyed available only at Lost Weekend on Saturday. Athens orchestral-folk act The Ridges is also releasing “The Insomniac’s Song (Live with The Sleepless Singers)” — “a limited run, LP-sized, 12″x12,” hand-screened printed poster that comes with a download code,” available locally at Magnolia Thunderpussy.

And here’s the skinny on all Columbus record stores, including address and any extended Saturday hours, live band/DJ performances, whether or not the store ordered RSD exclusives, store discounts for RSD and any other extras the shops are offering (Update: Added Endangered Species in Delaware):

Ace in the Hole Music Exchange
1153 Kenny Centre, 457-5666
Saturday hours: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. (or later)
RSD exclusives? Yes
Extras: Ticket giveaway for upcoming LC shows – Wilco (8/4) and O.A.R. (7/25)
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Dayton & Yellow Springs celebrate Record Store Day

Record Store Day is Saturday, April 21, 2012. In celebration, David Obenour – Dayton resident and founder of Ghettoblaster Magazine – organized the following celebration. Here is the Facebook page for the event.

Via David Obenour:

Saturday, April 21 is Record Store Day and a day is an entire day, not just a few hours! Come down for the special RSD releases and live music at our amazing local record stores, along with DJs & underground music trivia at Blind Bob’s, discounts from many local businesses and a late night screening of Empire Records, where we will be giving away two tickets to this year’s Nelsonville Music Festival!

Omega Music | 318 E. Fifth St Dayton, 937-275-9949
*Special Record Store Day releases & live music all day – Free

Toxic Beauty | 220 Xenia Ave Yellow Springs, 513-965-1195
*Special Record Store Day releases & live music all day – Free

Record Gallery | 16 Brown St, Dayton, 937-224-3277
*Live music all day – Free

Feathers | 440 E. Fifth St Dayton, 937-228-2940
*Live music all day – Free

Blind Bob’s | 430 E. 5th St Dayton, 937-938-6405
*Live DJs all day
*4-6:30 pm Underground Music Trivia with prizes from great indie labels like Merge, Rhymesayers, Thrill Jockey and many more!
Free until 9pm / $5 cover in benefit of 2012’s Dayton Music Fest

The Neon | 130 E. 5th St Dayton, 937-222-7469
*10:15 pm screening of Empire Records at The Neon with a Nelsonville Music Fest ticket giveaway!
$6 tickets in benefit of 2012’s Dayton Music Fest ($4 with receipt from Omega, Record Gallery, Feathers or Toxic Beauty)
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Video: Sundown – “Sleepy Song” + Mansion Burning 12″ on Spoonful Records

Spoonful Records makes a triumphant return to releasing vinyl with Sundown’s Mansion Burning EP, which is good news if you were unable to snag one of the cassettes and better news if you can’t wait for Record Store Day to buy something that you can flip for mega-bucks on ebay down the road.

Upcoming Sundown live performances



National Record Store Day is April 21, 2012

A reminder that National Record Store Day is April 21, 2012 this year. Per usual, many artists and labels will have limited-edition, RSD-only releases available. Nothing beats the aural, visual, tactile, and olfactory (smell those liner notes) of physical media. Support your local record store.

Record Store Day 2011 Release List

Record Store Day has released their gigantic list of 2011 releases and there’s a ton of stuff. Hope you didn’t spend all your tax refund yet.

This time around they did a nice job of listing how many copies of each release is available, as well as what is a true Record Store Day exclusive and what albums are going to be available on a wider distribution.

Record Store Day is April 16, 2011. What store(s) are you going to?

Record Store Day in Columbus (includes Ben Folds manning the cash register at Mags)

Columbus is lucky to have more than one awesome independent record store. Go support them often, but especially this Saturday, April 17, for national Record Store Day. Here’s a quick rundown of the goings on at the Big Three (Magnolia Thunderpussy, Used Kids, Lost Weekend), including Ben Folds manning the cash register at Mags from 1-2:30pm. Feel free to post additions, things going on at other stores, etc. in the comments.

Used Kids

(Plus PBR and pizza)

Magnolia Thunderpussy
Open hours: 10am-9pm
Ben Folds works the register 1-2:30pm
1PM – Karate Coyote
2PM – Hurt People Hurt People
3PM – Scattered Needles
3:30PM – The Altered States of the United Snakes
4PM – Christ
4:30PM – The Metagame
6PM – Exwhites
7PM – Deprecator
8PM – Kingpin

Lost Weekend
33% off all USED LPs
45% off all USED 45 rpms 7″ records
78 rpm records for ONLY 78 cents
10% off all NEW LPs and Cds
20% off everything else (except RSD exclusive titles).
Also: “Saturday will still be the super huge discount day and we will not be putting any RSD exclusive titles out early however we will also have a sale on the Friday before and the Sunday after. On those days we will have 20 % Off everything Used and 10% off everything new.”