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Better Late Than Never: More Quickie Album Reviews

I keep saying this is a great year for music, and it is, and some of the reviews below continue to reflect that fact, http://cheapcialiswww.com/ but some of them merely showcase solidly average offerings. And one review is of a disc I really wish the artist could recall since it sullies my fond memories of their earlier efforts. Anyway, onwards.

Be Your Own Pet – Get Damaged EP
Seriously? these songs were banned from the American release of their last album? Doesn’t that make total sense for a Major in these parts? I can just see the boardroom discussion: “Well, there’s these three songs, and they’re really catchy, maybe the best three songs on the album, but the lyrics seem a little scary. They’re about girls punching other girls and stuff like that. I mean if it was about Hos and Bros, or date rape, or getting drunk and getting it on I would be totally down with that, but this chick that’s singing sounds mean. That sort of scares me, so let’s take these songs off the album, O.K.?”

Mudcrutch – Mudcrutch
Tom Petty revives his first band to record the album they never got around to making. Is it the most rockin’-est, swingin’-est Petty has recorded in years? You bet it is! Is it exciting and interesting to listen to? With the exception o “Lover On The Bayou” you bet it ain’t. It’s kind of like if Uncle Tupelo had waited until after Anodyne to record No Depression. For fans only.

Human Highway – Moody Motorcycle
The dude from Islands mines his inner country indie-pop muse and comes back with an album of enjoyable, if slightly slight, tunes. Whispered vocals, sharply mellow beats, and minimal instrumententation mark the majority of the tunes. In fact, as the album went on I started to think of the band as being sonically akin to a laid back version of Fountains Of Wayne. If that sounds up your alley, check ’em out.

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Official SXSW Spew: Day One


Surprise of the Day >>>> The Kills (pictured)

What a fest. It never ceases to get me giggling with pleasure. We must first pour a bit of malt liquor on the curb for the dearly departed Chip Midnight and then report on the day that was…..

Go to World of Wumme for the full dispatch.

Mystery Jets Continue to Impress Beyond Their Years

Mystery Jets Twenty OneI’m listening to the new Mystery Jets album Twenty One right now and — so far — it’s delivering the goods I had hoped for! I’ve had the luxury of hearing them progress from close to the very beginning since a friend of the band’s was kind enough to send me an early version of their debut (which, by the way, changed substantially before its UK, and then belated American, release).

I’ve loved the band’s output, but always felt it was missing that one extra little magical ingredient to launch them from being great to truly terrific. When I saw them play live a few months ago that extra spark manifested itself in spades and I realized that not only were they gonna catch up to their hype, they were bound to surpass it.

They’ve lost a bit of the ’67 Pink Floyd freneticism that drew me to them in the first place, but they’ve replaced it with an alarmingly mature grasp of rhythm and dynamics. They’ve launched past my sonic expectations and delivered a (proper) sophomore album that sounds like it was crafted with a band with decades of experience instead of the handful of years the Mystery jets have actually been active.