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Next up from RJD2: Inversions Of The Colossus

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More Info About RJD2’s and Adam Dietch’s Special Columbus performance

RJ will not be playing alone this Wednesday @ the Summit.

RJD2 will be using an MPC and turnables. If you’ve seen RJ live at Wexner or Skullys, you know that he can work that out well.

Tomorrow’s Columbus performance will be a one-time special collaberation with drummer Adam Dietch from Break Science. Adam got his start at the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe playing drums for people like Erykah Badu. He at some point played in the Average White Band, John Scofield’s band and with Wyclef.. So dood is obviously in weird lane as a musician. He has done beats for the GZA and 50 Cent at another point.

RJ described Adam as thus via text,
“He’s a drummer that thinks like an mpc. I’m a producer who thinks like drummer.”

RJ knows drummers. Think about how well Sam Brown beasted at Skullys February with RJ.

It’s kinda fitting that RJ and Adam are gonna collide at the Summit a place known for hosting experimental music projects.

Perhaps only Skylab would be more.

When RJ told me that Wednesday’s show  will be a real unique musical moment for him and Adam, I asked “oh so it’s not a dance party”.

RJ smirked at that through his phone. So even though this is a musical interaction between drummer and a man on a sampler and turntables, it will still be a dance able party.

RJ and Adam will hit the stage at ten.

Titonton Duvante will play at 9.

DJ Inform and Mister Mike will provide music at other times.

The Summit
2216 Summit St
Columbus OH
$10 Doors at 8:30


RJD2 Columbus St. Patrick’s Day Dance Party @ The Summit Wednesday

Blizzaard or lack of presale kept you from being one of the 800 people that paid 15 dollars to see RJ’s epic performance at the Donewaiting 7 year Anniversary pictured below?
Don’t fret. He is coming back to rock a ST Patty’s Party on a Dejay level. Dood is going on at Ten so be there early.
(Which is good for people with Jobs)

This Wednesday:

RJD2 DJ Performance with Adam Deitch of Break Science. Basically this is a one-time special collaberation between RJ and an accomplished man in his right Adam Deitch. More on that in a second.

Titonton,DJ Inform and Mister Mike will provide music at other times.

The Summit
2216 Summit St
Columbus OH
$10 Doors at 8:30

More info forthcoming soon.

Video: RJD2 “A Spaceship For Now”

YouTube Preview Image

Here is a Post-Apoclyptic video for my second favorite song on RJD2’s new album The Colossus>. If you like futuristic sounding synth instrumental music then you probably will like this song, more tourdates including an Ohio show after the jump Continue reading

MP3: RJD2 feat Phonte-The Shining Path (Alan Wilkis Remix)


MP3: RJD2: The Shining Path Alan Wilkis Remix

Alan Wilkis Remix of RJD2’s “the Shining Path” that feature Grammy nominee Phonte of Foreign Exchange and Little Brother singing.

Video:RJD2-the Glow

YouTube Preview Image

The Glow is making fun of plastic, tan people. So the video has a bunch of dolls in it.
Second video off of RJD2’s album the Colossus

Donewaiting 7 Year RJD2 Photos

rjd2 on twitter about his columbus show

Thanks bustown, last nite was all the way live. Word to the wise: if your chest is hella will farrell, jumping on stage w no shirt=bad look.

rj twitter again:

@wesflexner @donewaiting thanks for setting last nite up PROPERRRRR.

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Elizabeth Lessner Discusses RJD2

Opening day!

We knew Elizabeth Lessner, she who has brought Columbus my favorite restaurants: Surly Girl Saloon and Dirty Frank’s (to name a few), went way back with RJD2. We asked if she wanted to share anything for the site in prep for tomorrow’s anniversary show and here’s what she wrote:

In the early 90’s, Rj and I became surrogate siblings living out west in San Francisco. On weekend mornings we’d eat breakfast at a place called Spaghetti Western (an early inspiration for Surly Girl Saloon) then go shopping for records on Haight Street or over in Oakland. On nights when we could afford it, we frequented a small, dingy nightclub called Club Deco in San Francisco or a place called Your Mama’s Cafe, a nightclub/coffeehouse in Oakland. We were always on the lookout for DJ Shadow or members of Digital Underground family. The music scene in San Francisco and Oakland at that time was quirky, fun and incredibly accessible.

In those days we both worked a minimum of three jobs at any given time due to the high cost of living and working low wage jobs. Our outlets were record shopping, eating breakfast, dreaming and frequenting our favorite local dives. Since then, I don’t know much has changed for either of us.

Show update: Online presale is sold out but tickets are still available at Magnolia’s and Roots as well as some tix available @ the door.

RJD2 Interview About Columbus Graffiti, Howard Zinn, The Colossus & Mad Men

All Photos by Dan McMahon except the Holy Roller.

As we have said repeatedly on this website. RJD2 is headlining our 7-Year Anniversary at Skullys this Friday Feb 5th. Ticket info and line-up here

RJ is an old friend of mine, so in this informal interview we chopped it up about his brief graffiti career,walking the tracks near the Ohio State Fairgrounds, the passing of Howard Zinn, RJ’s new album The Colossus and his theme song for TV’s Mad Men.

I remember when I first heard your name in Hip Hop discussions around town, graff writers were like…thats RJD2 blah blah he is down with A-Team? A-Team had pieces at the convention center and CAP that hit you up… This question is more for the graffiti dorks but…?

so i moved to the bay area after dropping out of college. i had my records and turntables and stuff, and one of the dudes who i stayed with shortly was down with the a-team guys, this dude cliff. he was the only guy i knew in the city at a point, and then he left too. so the only people i knew in SF were cram, esa, this kid beaver who i cant remember what he wrote, but he would do these “god is love” pieces all over the city, and a few other guys. so they sorta inducted me in as the unofficial a-team dj or whatever. those were the only kids i knew in the city, really. so i’d hang with them, maybe go out a little here and there with em while they painted, but not too much. i later found out that esa had a columbus connection. and then cram moved to philly after i’d been here a while. small world, basically. and my friend cliff lived near and was friends with mike giant, and looked up to him-in 95 SF graff world, he was a really big deal, up there with twist and amaze and the like upper echelon of bay writers, so i met mike thru him. esa later moved to LA, and i think she was doing fine art or something. cram actually was doing public murals for a living for a long time. i guess mike giant got involved in tattoos, but i havent spoken to him in a loooooong time. but in short, all the a-team guys were just cool people, no ego shit, just real friendly folks.

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RJD2 Videos

RJD2 is playing the Donewaiting.com 7 Year Anniversary Friday in Columbus.

RJD2 has always had great video collaborators, for both his live show and for short films about his songs. The Horror is still my favorite (below).

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