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Video: Jay Electronica “Dimethyltryptamine “

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Jay Electronica who has been a little quiet since signing to Roc Nation finally reemerges with a video for “Dimethyltryptamine”. If you love Biggie and the X-Files than this will one of the best songs you have ever heard in your life. Soooo glad he finally released a video for this. And apparently he shot this video in Napal.

Third World sci-fi with political commentary embedded in the paranoia. Watch the video. Here are some of the lyrics:

“Who split atoms and give mushrooms to civilians
Hiroshima never recovered and all the evidence was smothered
Under a thick cloud of rubble
The pope is his brother
The hillsides is his mother
That statue with the torch and still eyes is his lover
She’s a harlot, who stood still like time while New York turned scarlet
And the levee monster sucked up New Orleans
While they was playin’ man vs. man in Afghanistan
With they mind on Iran, Iraq and Sudan
Let him recruit you, he will try to use his powers to seduce you
Just let him think that the feeling is mutual
Because if he found out that you already knew
The atom had a positive, a negative and a neutral
He’ll probably salute you
Then wait till you turn your back like a coward and shoot you
People this shit is crucial”