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Reflections on music blogs and the death of Donewaiting in Maura Magazine

dead links

With the demise of The Other Paper (even its website!) and the forthcoming digital death of Donewaiting after our 10-year anniversary celebration this weekend, I don’t think I have it in me to muster up a lengthy farewell post. I pretty much said all I wanted and needed to say in “Dead Links,” a piece I wrote for the current issue of Maura Magazine, a new weekly iPad/iPhone publication from Maura Johnston. You can subscribe here for $2.99 or try out one issue for free if you’re not ready to pull the trigger. (Don’t be afraid to pull that trigger.)

I’ve never been the recognizable face or personality that Duffy was while he was in town. I tend to be more comfortable in the shadows of anonymity. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy reminiscing with you this weekend at Ace of Cups and Double Happiness. Come say hello and goodbye.

Done Waiting for the Need

Done Waiting for the Need

Found this mashup over on the GYBO message board. The cool thing is, if you know Donewaiting founder Robert Duffy as well as I do, you know that he’s got a secret love of Linkin Park (seriously). So, how crazy is it that this mashup – “Done Waiting for the Need” – features Yordis vs Linkin Park vs Gwen Stefani? Well done, CJR Mix, well done.