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Meet Behind You With Knives (again?) – Saturday 4/3 Carabar

Behind You With Knives Photo credit to Gretchen King

MP3: Black Forest

If those three purty faces look familiar, it’s likely because you’ve spied ’em as a part of any one of several bands currently making things happen around town. But if the three of them together kind of rattles a particular neuron or two, you were probably spending some quality time in High Street clubs in the early aughts. See, pictured above is ¾ of Frostiva, childhood friends who put together their first band in 2000 and cashed it in 4 years later. God love ’em for leaving the Frostiva website alive, as it’s a nice look back on days passed- full of references to Little Brothers, Diet, Go Evol Shiki… hell even the Angelfire host is some pre-Myspace shit.

Since the demise of Frostiva, the talents of what is now of Behind You With Knives have been plenty in demand (Leslie – Church of the Red Museum, Flotation WallsMoon High, Nick Tolford and Company; Faith – The Hills Have Eyes, Deerhead; Sharon – Teeth on Teeth, Guardylou). The reunion of these three as BYWK, only a few months old now, has them going in a little heavier direction. The project is young enough that when I first contacted them, there wasn’t yet any recorded material for review, so based on some thin rumors about how they are going to sound, I fired off some questions for the band. As it turns out, literally moments before this thing hit the ol’ blog page, MP3s of a promised 4-song demo materialized out the ether. The demo (cover art by Angie Redmond below) will be available at their first show on Saturday. Behind You With Knives will share the Carabar stage with Rosehips and American Jobs. (EDIT: American Jobs is a last-minute scratch. Suitable replacement is still in the works….)

Dumb questions and patient answers after the jump.. Continue reading

Here Comes Your Weekend 4 Schedule and Info

Once again the Columbus Music Co-op are throwing a free party in the parking lot of Surly Girl Saloon in Columbus, OH. This event is a fundraiser for their musician’s assistance program and is always a great event – a sort of nice counterpoint to the monster-sized event that is Comfest.

It all goes down July 11. Schedule:

Apocalypso………………………3:00 pm
Total Foxx……………………….3:45 pm
The American Jobs……………..4:30 pm
Winter Makes Sailors……………5:15 pm
Chuck and Lisa from Wussy…….6:00 pm
Rosehips…………………….6:45 pm
Deerhead………………………..7:30 pm
Moviola…………………………..8:15 pm
Guinea Worms……………………9:00 pm
Cheater Slicks……………………9:45 pm
Struck by Lightning…………….10:30 pm

They are also looking for volunteers, so if you’re interested click here for more details.

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MP3: The Dead Are Watching (LIVE) by Rosehips

MP3: In News by The Nuclear Children

So with the Donewaiting Calander back under construction, plus a general sense of nostalgia, there’s been a bit of a push to start doing more show previews up front here in the bloggity. Seems like a good-cause show is decent place for me to reaccquaint myself with the business end of WordPress.

So this weekend- today, even. Friday. Treehouse. There’s gonna be a rock show with a lil’ benefit twist.  Organizing and headlining the gig are Rosehips, joined by (and sharing a guitar-player with) Rollo. Also on the bill are The Nuclear Children and Ease the Medic. It could be shear vocab coincidence, but I’m leaving open the possiblity that the last dudes were added out of clever band-name suitablity.

See, Cassie Lewis of Rosehips fame has put together a show to benefit some physicians, but more specifically to raise awareness about the state of naturopathic medicine in Columbus, and what it means to practice this sort of doctoring in our state. In addition to all the rock (see above for some MP3 offerings), the physicians of the Columbus Clinic of Naturopathy, Tamara Strickland and Jennifer Ball, will be in attendance at the venue for the evening.  They will be answering questions about their practice and also raffling off a first office call with the clinic!  This will be for a initial two hour consultation with a naturopathic physician.  There will be a table of information (including naturopathic medical schools), and free samples.

Despite the health care industry as a whole getting a lot of attention right now, I really didn’t know a ton about this stuff, so I asked Cassie to help me understand the motivation for the benefit show, and a little more about the issues involved. Her first person account is after the jump. Continue reading

Manup Music Is Dead. Long Live Nice Life

I don’t think it’s the world’s biggest secret that local Columbus record label Manup Music, co-owned by David Lynch and Carabar Ron, has come to an end. After releasing several excellent albums by bands such as Church of the Red Museum, The Lindsay, and Rosehips, the label is no more.

I spoke to Ron yesterday and he told me he’s launching a new label, “Nice Life.” The first release will be by The Slide Machine. The release show is Friday, and will also serve as Ron’s birthday party. More details about the show here. After that, there is the Church of the Red Museum seven inch later this month.

Ron said while he might put a few Columbus albums out at first, the plan is to release bands from all over the country, and not make the label locals only. There’s no website or Myspace page for the label yet, which seems to fall in line with how Ron does things.

Here’s two songs from The Slide Machine. I’m not sure if they’re going to be on this new seven inch or not, but it definitely gives you a good taste as to what they’re all about.

MP3: 2000 Czech Crown by The Slide Machine
MP3: SnakesvsHorse by The Slide Machine